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Hi, y'all, Jim_Kirk1 here. Just in time for my bi-annual profile description update. Hi Jim from 2021.

Sorry, I've just been rather ambivalent about everything. I haven't had too much motivation to write over the last year, and so my stories have been updated very infrequently. Same goes for my YouTube stuff (I haven't posted anything since June or something). I've just been spending a lot of time playing World of Warships. On the bright side, finished taking my ACT. On the downside, my crippling underconfidence is now telling me that I won't do as well as I did the last time I took it 4 years ago.

So, for anyone that actually cares, I got to North Carolina, then all the way through to Montana (fantastic ship btw). I also got Minotaur, Des Moines, Worcester, Z-52, Daring, Hindenburg, Conqueror, with Harugumo and Gearing coming up very soon. Hopped between some Clans.

Anyways, moving on.

I saw Kimi no Na Wa on an international flight over from San Francisco or something to Taipei-Taoyuan International Airport because the "normal" movies were kinda lame and the picture from the movie looked kinda cool. And I really fucking liked it. And then I promptly forgot about it as I was visiting relatives. Anyways, I come back from the trip, and roughly a year goes by before I remember, "Hey, there was that one anime movie I saw on the plane I really liked," so I watched it again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And cried most every time. And then I listened to the movie soundtracks for about 3 months almost constantly. I'm listening to a piano cover of Nandemonaiya while writing this.

Anyways, I was (and still am) really into Kimi no Na Wa, so I decided to watch the movie one more time (and cry some more), then write a fanfic. First chapter's just about out, so there'll be some more in the future, probably. I'll get around to Chances of Survival later. I'm sorry that I'm such an emotional mess right now. I'm trying my best. I think.

Anyways bye and I hope you guys enjoy the stuff I write cuz otherwise there's no real point, right? Not much use for a writer if no one reads his stuff.

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