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I came to this site looking for an alternate ending to Allegiant. I never had any intention of writing. It never even crossed my mind. I was too busy reading all the wonderful stories on this site.

I was out for lunch at a cafe with my best friend Kylie and I was telling her how much I loved this site and was my usual over enthusiastic self when she suggested I should write something. I brushed her off thinking it was a ridiculous idea. Anyway a few nights later I wake in the early hours of the morning with the idea for the story 'Stop, Rewind'.

I sent her a text the next morning that started with DAMN YOU KYLIE! I knew that I now needed to get the story out of my head and that is how this all begun. So if you are enjoying my stories than it really is a big thank you to Kylie. If you don't then it is probably a damn you Kylie! So I decided to use those words as my profile name because I would not be here if it wasn't for Kylie! So I have to say a big thank you to my friend for all her love and support and believing I could do this.

I hope everyone is liking what I write and reviews are always welcomed and appreciated.

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