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Welcome to my profile!

As you can see, several changes have taken place.

The most obvious is my change of screenname to E-H-Indigo. I am attempting to make my screen handle consistent across my different profiles.

Second, is the removal of my old stories, as well as taking down the current work I did for "The Price of Love." I want to do justice to the story, and for that to happen, I need to sit down and plan it out. To ensure I can maintain the story, I am going to try writing it completely before posting. This should help to make updates more consistent.

Please follow the updates in Behind the Scenes to see my progress.

I look forward to sharing this new journey with you!


These are the stories I am currently writing. I intend to write five chapters before I post. That way, I can try to update more frequently and stick to my plot outline for each story.

The Price Of Love (For KaraSays): Hermione gave up more than she could bear to destroy Voldemort. After spending months living at Shell Cottage, can she trust Charlie Weasley with her more vulnerable secret? Will she discover that not all love comes with a price? Slow-burn.

- Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 0 - Words: 0 - Hermione G., Charlie W. -




The authors listed below have been Private Messaged, and have given their consent to be featured! Please check out the stories below. A new list will be maintained each year.


Jazz E Roisin - Beta

My second passion is editing. I've had a free-lance editing business since I was 18.

Please Private Message (PM) me if you are interested!

I took down a lot of my stories, so my Beta Profile on FanFiction is disabled until I meet their minimum requirements.


Nea Marika (Harry Potter): Words Fail : Rating: T, Language: English Drama/Romance Chapters: 21

Fighting a heroic battle in a room full of mysterious timepieces is not a smart thing to do. Time Travel. Slash: TM/HP.

Kleinnak (Harry Potter): Adventures of Harriet Potter Year 5: Rating: T, Language: English, Genre: Fantasy/Adventure Chapters: 17

The eyes of the wizarding world fall on Great Britain, now guilty of an unspeakable atrocity, and doing everything in its power to hide the fact that Lord Voldemort has returned. Braces yourselves. This may be the worst year in the life of Harriet Potter.


The following are great woman who have superb Betaing skills. If I am not the Beta you're looking for please at least check out the following:

Anime Monster: A knowledgeable and friendly woman! She is great with the concept of a story and keeping you on track if you are writing either a purely Canon story or a story that is Alternate Universe pairing but you want to stick with Canon facts most of the time!

WeasleyForMe: A friendly and pleasantly quirky woman! She is more than capable of editing your work if I'm not to your tastes. You'll always be in for a good laugh talking and receiving help from her!


In order to get involved in FF again, I am breathing life back into my forums as well as jumping back into some that I have been away from far too long! The links to the forums and authors can be found below!

Time Turner Talk (Also Has a Profile: Time Turner Talk): "A glitch in Time put me where I am today, but I live for the everlasting friends and fun at Time Turner Talk."

Twin Exchange (Jack of the North): I solemnly swear that Fred never died and George wears blue boxers! I am a member of the Twin Exchange.

Drop Zone: Private RP - please do not post unless invited


If you're interested here are my other social media!

Deviantart: E_H_Indigo

YouTube: E_H_Indigo

Archive of Our Own: E_H_Indigo


Age: 31

Degree: Bachelors of Arts in English Literature Minor: Creative Writing

Passions: Writing is my passion as well as giving honest advice to other writers. I also enjoy playing Table Top RPGS and creating cosplays. I recently purchases a fishing license, so my boyfriend can teach me to fish.

Employment: I got promoted at work! I'm now an Assistant to the Contract and Licensing Manager at a life insurance company.

Currently Watching:

Currently Reading: Radium Girls: The Dark History of America's Shining Girls by Kate Moss / Rise of the Rocket Girls by Natalia Holt & The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal.


"This is how you [write]. You sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after another until [the story] is done. It's that easy, and that hard." - Neil Gaiman

"Write something that is worth fighting for. Because that is how you change things. That's how you create art." - Jeff Goins

- E_H_Indigo

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