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Hi all fanfictioners out there :)

OK, time to update this profile. A lot of things have changed since I wrote my original profile description and it needs to be reflected on here. but some have not.

So, what to say about me? Well, I'm an avid reader. What do I like to read? Hmm, anything that's interesting! Preferably in English and French because those are the languages I speak.:)

I've discovered fanfiction in February 2015 totally by accident. I've had my addiction phase but the number of stories I read and even the time I spend on here have significantly dropped.

Bleach is my favorite fandom. It's my favorite manga of all time!

I recognize myself in all the characters and I like the way they portray human beings so vividly. Although it is based on a fictional universe, Bleach is quite realistic in terms of its depiction of our world. Under the constant comparison between the human and the spirit world lies a fundamental question of our place in society, our goal in life and our true identity beyond the name we have been given.

Sorry for the philosophical talk. You can blame that on four years of literature studies and three years of studying Advertising, Public Relations and Media where we are asked to look beyond the surface of things XD.

Anyway, back to Bleach! I like all of the characters more or less. But the one I love the most is Kuchiki Byakuya! I think his character is the most developed and interesting because of the complexity of his personality. He is the kind of character we love to hate and hate to love at the same time. I won't mention the reasons why because it would be too long XD. But all fans of Bleach probably know!;-)

I like pairings of Bya with Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Kenpachi, Ukitake and, if the story is well built and the character is interesting, Bya with OC. I could talk about Byakuya all day! But I'll keep my thoughts and fantasies to myself.

Apart from Bleach, I also read stories from other fandoms like Yuri on Ice, Beyblade and Tekken. I'm very selective though. As I grow up, I become very demanding and won't pick up a story if it does not satisfy certain criteria. This also applies to Bleach. I used to read anything I found. But now I'm more picky.

Around September of 2020, I discovered the Yakuza franchise. Boy oh boy! Why didn't I come across this series sooner? It's honestly the only game I've ever felt so engrossed in. I particularly loved Yakuza 0 and its gripping story and characters. Ah yes, the characters! Kiryu, Nishiki, Kuze, Shibusawa, Awano, Nishitani... But most importantly, Makoto and Majima. Gosh how I love these two! They have this special ability to tug at my heart strings. I feel personally connected to them for reasons I won't elaborate on here. But all those who have played Yakuza 0 probably understand what I feel. If you haven't already, please do check out the series. I promise it's an amazing experience. It's fun, heartwarming, heartrenching and funny. I could talk about it all day and all night and I'd still be unable to accurately describe what it made me feel. Just try it :-)

My other passions are music, fighting games and watching figure skating.

When I started my degree four years ago, one of my dreamed jobs was radio jokey. I've always been very admirative of those behind the mike. I like the idea of being so close to people through the radio and provide support and comfort to those in need.

But as I learned more about the media and the complexity of the field, my idea has changed. I now want to work as a web journalist. It's a realm full of opportunities and possibilities. Plus, I feel more at ease writing than speaking. I'm a very shy and insecure person and words don't come easily to me.

*Regarding my Stories*

I published my first story in 2016. It's a French fic featuring the pairing Byakuya X Ichigo titled "Les liens qui nous unissent". There are currently six chapters. I also published a series of drabbles featuring Byakuya titled "Bya dans tous ses ├ętats" which currently has three chapters.

I originally wrote these fics on the spot, without any predetermined plan. I used them as a means to alleviate the stress from my studies. Unfortunately, my load of work kept increasing as I progressed in my degree while my time and energy were going downhill. I've also lost inspiration and don't even remember the original plan :( But perhaps I'll be able to write again some day. I'm so sorry to leave my readers hanging. But I'd rather not write at all than produce something of bad quality. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for passing by my profile :) I wish you all a good day wherever you are.

See you soon.:-)


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