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Oh hi. o/ I am Nashmeira

I'm sorry to say that i do not have a lot of things to say about my self. I enjoy telling story's thought I have much room for improvement hence why i wanted to come here and flex my creative muscles. I have several ideas that I would like to try in a various universes, the first story I have presented for the community is A Gentle Touch, a Twilight fic revolving around Bella not being all that she appears to be. I decided this might be a good place to present overviews for upcoming works and present to you my reference marital for my works.

While the material presented are things that inspire me, my first work AGT, has elements and ability of supernatural that I want to develop into my own story. My hope is to develop them with established characters and them use them with my own works. For the Twilight story I'm using that worlds version of Vampires no since in rocking the boat, but I do have my own version as well, they will not be making an appearance in AGT.

Well I guess that is all for now, Ill leave you to look over my ideas for other story's that I might pursue with Twilight as well as other universes.

//A Gentle Touch - In Progress

- Fandom: Twilight, Original Content

- Synopsis: Everything changed the day Edward broke character to save Bella Swan from and oncoming van, his efforts were in vain and he soon finds out that Bella didn't need saving, and it might be him that needs saving from her. he knew that things changed when he saw her hand beside his holding back the van, a dint were it touch just like the one that he himself created. In the moment there eyes saw what the other could could do, the world was a different place.

- Cast: Bella Swan (Main Protagonist), Edward Cullen, Charlie Swan, Angel Weber, Payusha Chera-Ay

- Reference Material (Might be spoilers fyi.) Pintrest Gallery of inspirational and reference material.

pinterest (dot) com /nashmeira/a-gentle-touch-reference-material


/ / F u t u r e _ P r o j e c t s \ \

//Dark Winter

- Fandom: Twilight, The Division

- Synopsis: Eight years after he left her, two years after she left the hospital she was in due to crippling depression and lose of self worth a 24 year old Bella Swan doing the best she can in putting her life back on track. Now in her 3rd year of college Baruch College in New York, Bella is making the best of her mortal life, she has a new purpose, new friends a new job, but with every up there is always a down. The life she's has worked so hard is falling down all around her and the bodies are piling up. Society as Bella Swan knew it is coming to a swift end, she and her best friend and room mate Kathy are trapped in Manhattan as a deadly virus ravages the city and whatever is left is being picked apart by the gangs or who ever is no afraid to take what they want, by any means necessary. To make matters even worse even Kathy is now in danger as she had contracted the Green Poison virus. Will be able to cope with losing everything again or will she be just another body on the pile?

- Reference Material (Might be spoilers fyi.) Pintrest Gallery of inspirational and reference material.


//Remember When

-Fandom: Twilight

- Synopsis: Of all the minds that Edward had to listen to on a daily basses Angela Weber had the most present, if he had to describe them he would say they were fluffy, and soft. It was the best he could do. So when her mind suddenly went blank and the imagery turned dark he was puzzled. Images were flying so fast threw her mind that she couldn't keep up and that was saying something and suddenly she screamed. The girl jumped from her desk looking around frantically and yelling for Emmett and Rose. The whole class was looking at the frantic quite natured girl as she slowly calmed down hugging herself. Someone names Warren was plaguing her mind, his red eyes boring into her.

Then she looked at me and her mind flashed and her eyes again grew wide as she internally screamed to stop thinking about everything or Edward would see. She knew I could read minds, how was that possible, she turned and started to leave the room but it was like she was confused about how to move like her body was not responding the way it should and she was at a lost of how to make it work correctly as she moved oddly through the room and out to the hall giving only the vaguest not feeling well answer to the teacher. how did she know about my gift, she had memories of a red eyed vampire, what had happened here? I didn't know but I was going to find out what happened to Angela Weber.

- Cast: Angela Weber (Main Protagonist), Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Usual Suspects.

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