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The Multiversal Writer

Age: Unknown (Possibly Over 30 Undecillion Years)

Location: The Void Universe [Universe 0 (Also Known as Origin)]

Bio: The Mutliversal Writer is an ancient being that existed for quite possible countless years in the very first universe. His main job is to record events, people, advancements, and many other accounts during his time. No one remembers what his original Initiate number is, not even himself because once someone becomes what many would call a multiversal god, they forget their original name. Yet some say he maybe the second or third writer over the years but there is no evidence to support this theory. He has no voice but can write in the air with some sort of invisible writing utensil in order to communicate and also to write down in his books. This creature is known for safe keeping the biggest library ever constructed that has an infinite storage space which some say that each so-called door leads to a pocket dimension that is a library in itself. Word of advice, stay away from beings such as him and 4 other beings due to the power they have and are immortal. Or at least that's what some say.

Completed Books:

RWBY, Multiversal: Volume 1: Travel (M)
RWBY, Multiversal: Volume 2: Receive (M)
RWBY, Multiversal: Mini-Volume: Escape from Tartarus Prison (M)
GATE, Thus a Cyber Empire Fought There (T)
Survival on a Strange World (T)

Work In Progress:

An Isekai in RWBY (T)
From Remnant Huntresses to Pokemon Trainers (K)
The Rising of the Post-Apocalypse Shield Hero (T)
Shokugeki no Saiba: Food Wars! (T)
Survival in a Strange Galaxy (T)


RWBY, Multiversal: Volume 3
Huntresses in a New World of Adventure (K) [Moved to Remake]

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