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Sex/Gender- Both female phew

Health- Very good, I'm a dancer. (and a fencer, and a runner.. and an archer... Yeah, that list goes on and on.)

Favourite Food- Hmm... Pretty much anything that tastes good and is vegan. Although.. I'm partial to Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar... mmm...

Favourite Music- I love Apocalyptica, if you don't know who they are, look them up now! I also love Loreena McKennitt, Jimmy Eat World, Clannad, Shakira, Blind Guardian, Savatage, Opera (Carmen!), Rock, Classical, Celtic, Middle Eastern, Musicals (Phantom of the Opera!) and... practically everything exept for rap. I hate rap.

Favourite Manga/Anime:

Favourite Book: Oooh... too many. 1984, The Vampire Lestat, The Interview With The Vampire, Queen of the D (did I mention that I don't curse at all?), any Drizzt Do'Urden book, any Shakespeare (I love Hamlet!), um... Artemis Fowl... some others.. let's just say there are a lot. And I can't remember most of them. Oh! The Last of The Mohicans, The Phantom Of The Opera... and... more... hehe

Miscellaneous- I play the only bassoon in an orchestra, which, as of this moment, has me playing solos in Rhapsody in Blue, fun song. I also play the guitar and the violin. (well, I'm teaching myself to play those two) I'm looking for a cello and a contrabass to play, but I haven't found one cheap enough yet... I am very studious, and I'm teaching myself Russian and Latin. I know bits of French, Spanish and Hawaiian pigen. I play Dungeons and Dragons, and I'm the Dungeon's Master. (pfft, yeah.. I know I sound like a geek. Hehe.. oh well) I just started this Christmas because my brother received the game and he want's to play it. I move around frequently, and I love languages. I'm an artist. As I said above, I dance, fence and practise archery. I also spell with a British tang.. so I'll spell 'practise' with an 's' and 'valour' with a 'u'. I know how to handle a sword and bow, and I favour the rapier. (I plan on becoming a weapons master when I'm older.. maybe around twenty five, though, I'm still looking for a bouting partner. sigh No one wants to fight me...) I'm sinister, by the way, so you righties watch out! I dance ballet and Scottish Highland... and... hula, and belly, I'm looking at starting up tap and jazz once I get the funds. I am in a musical variety show (Wee! Singing my heart out and not even having to worry about messing up for once! Yes... Life is good), and I love to perform theatrical works.Yep, that's about all.

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