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Hey there all, I just thought I would keep this pretty short and sweet. My name's Virgil and I am a 24 yr old guy from VA. I found this siteonly this last year and I have been reading and reviewing stories under the alias Virgil. I just thought that I would also try my hand atthis thing here you guys call fan fiction..

Fave movies- Equilibrium, Battle Royale, Versus,The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Killer, Hard Boiled, Bride of the White Hair parts 1 and 2, Kevin Smith Films, The Star Wars movies (though some more than others, of course) The Replacement Killers, The Corruptor, and many, many and I do mean many more.

Fave anime-All sorts, but definitely in my top lists would beYuYu Hakusho(Has to be my fave so far, Hiei's the man!)Tenchi Muyo, Robotech, Bastard, Naruto(even if I have never seen the anime, I love the manga), Vampire Hunter D, Record of Lodoss War, 8 Man, Voltron and Trigun.

Fave games- The Street Fighter,TheKing of Fighter Series, Final fantasy's 7,8, and X,Guilty Gear X-2,and just about any good action, fighting, fantasy or roleplaying game.

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