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Though I am not a good writer,

I made an account because I like reading..

An avid fan of Hyuga Hinata

Self-proclaimed Hinata Multi-Shipper

A Naruhina, Sasuhina and Nejina follower

Personal Pairing Plots that I wish I could write but unfortunately cannot are:

1. NARUHINA- A story in which Naruto realizes his feelings for Hinata after the war, marries her before becoming Hokage. All is well until his feelings for Sakura resurfaces again and their marriage falls apart. Hinata being so hurt gets away from Konoha without realizing that she's pregnant with Naruto's twins (can be Boruto and Himawari). Pretended to be a civilian, Hinata lives beside the sea in the Land of Waves peacefully with her children. Upon Hinata's disappearance Naruto realizes Hinata's worth in his life and decided to find her. Unable to find her despite of sending his best ninja trackers he decided to gave up his dream and leave Konoha to pursue his wife personally. A couple of years later while travelling, he stumbled upon his children being kidnapped by rouge nins and rescued them without knowing their his heirs. Realizing his undenying resemblance to himself and his wife, and the immediate fondness he has for the twins the moment he saw them, he decided to bring the children back to their mother before continuing on his own journey. That's when Naruto saw Hinata was the twin's mother and shocked to the news that they were his own children. Naruto spends his time with the twins making up for the lost time and pursued Hinata to accept him again. Finally Hinata forgives him and they all returned to Konoha so the twins can meet the family and friends they left behind and live happily ever after. (the story should not have issues of cheating or bashing)

2. SASUHINA- A story in which Sasuke falls in love with the Hyuga Heiress after he came back from his journey of redemption. Hinata still have feelings for Naruto but after not having his response to her confession during the battle with Pain, she decided not to hover about her unrequited love anymore. At first Sasuke has no intention of pursuing her but luck was on his side when an old scroll was discovered from the remains of the Uchiha District containing an arranged marriage between Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuga Hinata.

3. NARUHINASASU (one-sided NEJIHINA) - A 2 Part story about love triangles and an arranged marriage. ( 4th Ninja War never happened). Part 1 will be Naruto and Hinata became a couple but the Hyuga Clan does not approve so they planned an arranged marriage between Neji and Hinata so the clan can have a strong heir. The clan will allow Neji to be the Head and lead them and Hanabi will not be branded with the Branch Seal. Neji didnt object because He wants to change the clans traditions so much he has plans of removing the Seal and dispersing the Main and Branch house uniting them as one. Above all Neji's reasons was because he was inlove with Hinata but he knew how much she is inlove with Naruto so Neji didnt confess to her. The clan offered Hinata to aid Naruto's dream of becoming the next Hokage if she agrees to be wed and have an heir with Neji. Out of love, Neji tells Naruto and Hinata of his plan so Hinata will not get too much trouble with their clan, that until Naruto becomes the Hokage, Hinata and Neji will follow their clan's wish of uniting them as husband and wife and produce an heir, but Neji promised to Naruto that she will give Hinata's freedom to be with him. He knew the Elders cannot do anything about Hinata's freedom when He becomes the Clan Head even if Neji knows just how much it will hurt him when that time comes. Naruto and Hinata agreed about Neji's plans and Neji allowed Hinata to spend the rest of the days for Hinata and Naruto to be together until the day before their wedding. Naruto then knew Neji's feelings for Hinata and thank him for supporting them and being unselfish. 2 months after the wedding, Neji became the Clan Head and proved himself to the clan. Hinata supported Neji until she becomes pregnant with Neji's son and they named him Haru. He was a prodigy just like his father and the Elders was very pleased. Naruto became the Hokage when Haru was 2 years old and Neji kept his promise, he gave Hinata's freedom and arranged a schedule for Hinata to be with Haru anytime she wants to. Naruto was thankful and sorry for Neji and loved Haru just like his own.

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