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Joined Jan '05

Name: Animekitty47
Gender: girl
Friends: queen-galux& others (all real, you wouldn't know 'em)

Likes: reading, watching animes, candy

Dislikes: vegetables, mean teachers, homework
Favorite Anime/Manga: Yu-GiOh, YYH, Inu-Yasha,Ruroni Kenshin
Favorite Characters: Yoko/Suichi (can’t decide who I like more) Yami Yugi, Yuki (Fruits Basket), Kenshin

Favorite Quotes:

"For him (Joey) to take his duel disk off and not take his key. He's stupid enough to be admirable.” –Kiaba (Yu-Gi-Oh)

“I read the same thing in a fortune cookie once.” –Kiaba (Yu-Gi-Oh)

“Now its just you and me. Well, it’s more like you & you & you & you & you & you & you & me.” –Yusuke (YYH)

“It’s not about the game, its about putting a little of your heart into anything you care about.” –Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh)

“Look at it this way. There are two Yugis, the cool one up there and the puny one down here." -Joey (Yu-Gi-Oh)

"Do you know what an iris signifies? The happiness of those who believe. The only humans who can surpass fate are those who can truly believe in themselves to the end." - Kiyotaka (Spiral)

"In the Japanese version, Kaiba is actually nicer and more co-operative during the duel with Dartz. As opposed to the English version, where Kaiba is the same arrogant jerk he was at the series' beginning. IT'S CALLED CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! -Me (Yu-Gi-Oh Rant of the Week)

"This is not a simple game of throwing and dodging. Rather it's a... what is it? Something about chess, I think." - Eyes (Outtakes fromSpiral)

"This is not a simple game of throwing and dodging. Rather it's a... why can't I remember this frickin' thing?'Rather it requires precise strategy and judgment much like a game of chess'." - Eyes (Outtakes from Spiral) If there are any YYH fans out their who are reading this and haven’t watched Spiral, Eyes has Kurama’s voice.

"What's cherry coke taste like?" - Pocky aka Hiei's Little Shadow Spinner

"Elves are imortal unless they die." -Pocky (talking about Lord of the Rings)

"Does the path choose the walker, or the walker choose the path?" - The Book of the Dead (Sabriel)

"You have a speech for everything, don't you, Pharaoh?" -Dartz (Yu-Gi-Oh)

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