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Hey guys! I'm a sort of writer (write when I feel inspiration or if enough people pester me about it XD), but I also serve as a beta reader for other writers!!

You can probably tell NaLu is my OTP of OTP's, but that does not mean I will disrespect another ship or hate on it. And if anybody is hating you because of what you ship, tell me and I'll beat them up, or try my best. There are many ships though that I ship and do not ship, but I will never hate on a character or ship for that reason.

Also, I ship many things to, some of which may shock many people honestly. But I'm half crack shipper and OTP-er.

And if you ever want to talk to me about things, whether it be Fairy Tail or anything other, don't be shy, I won't bite (at first).


I have a tumblr!!!! If you want to know the name of it, PM me, so if you want to look me up you can and you can also message me there!!!! I mostly reblog/post Fairy Tail but also other fandoms and things!!!

I'm sorry for not updating any of my stories also! I've been on a hiatus for a long time, maybe forever, and the reason for that is I've just lost the feelings I used to have for writing. My inspiration isn't here anymore, but maybe later I'll feel better about it and decide to write some more. I'm sorry guys.

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