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"The innocent never run"-Weiss Schnee

Problems with a troll? You found the solution, PM me and we can get started dealing with the troublemaker. I might sound a bit harsh, but it's usually because I'm trying to get a point across. However I always try being reasonable, so before you start snapping at me, try some civilized dialogue so we can understand one another's point of view. If you block me, you'll probably be leaving things half done and avoid what could have been a civilized discussion that would have led to a win-win.

If you are PMed by me, it's probably for one of these reasons:

  1. Someone has asked me to confirm if you are trolling on purpose
  2. Someone requested that I investigate a troll whom you might have dealt with before
  3. A troll is trying to get into your forum and I'm giving you a heads up
  4. You've been confirmed as a troll and I'm trying to help you stop or make sure you're no longer a problem

I'll make this clear though, I'm not an attack dog. Don't expect me do go after someone who's innocent or simply to help fuel some meaningless hate war. My self-appointed duty is to hear the concerns of every-day RPers and help them continue to enjoy their experience in this amazing website by keeping those who seek it to ruin it away. I have no intention of ruining it for anyone who isn't ruining it for others.

List of Confirmed Trolls, AKA People who continue being a problem despite attempts to reason with them. Keep in mind almost every troll I deal with is done so in pms. Most people just need someone to stop patting them on the head and receive some stern talking to, or just be pointed in the right direction. If I'm pushed to take more drastic actions, the troll will be listed bellow since they don't intend to change and show no signs of stopping. If it gets to the point their username is added here, it means they are beyond reasoning, unreedemable and at this point, the only solution is to remove them from any interaction and starve them of the attention they so strangely crave. In other words...

Geniusinmath, out of control troll with a rap sheet that's the exact opposite of his signature one line posts: big. Everything discovered so far. This is the guy who doesn't hesitate to spread lies and half truths around to suit his pity parties and forum stalking. Thankfully he's an awful liar and easy enough to bust. The main problem is how he spreads across forums like a plague, he doesn't care about plot, only about shoving the same adoption story of his Mary sue over and over again(resetting when people actually manage to finish that hell). People only realizing how he's messing with them when it's too late and they already had a headache or five over it. If you're contacted by him, prepare for badly made sob story and a bunch of false accusations. Best solution against him is blocking from PM, banning from forums and spreading the word so he won't stain your reputation as admin or just as a RPer. While his main account was taken down, he has returned in the past, so keep an eye for his attempts in the future.

If you have information about genius is in but is too afraid to step in. PM and I'll deal with it myself, keeping you anonymous if you so desire. Lets show this troll he can't just go around causing problems for everyone!

If you are NOT afraid of doing the right thing, then contact your admin, sharing the link to the announcement and your concerns of the situation. You can then PM me the story of any troubles Genius may have already caused or simply notify me of what went down. Sometimes even the smallest clues can help us in our quest to deal with trolls.

Atarya QueenofEgypt, Atarya has no issues revealing what she is before backpedaling. Upon not getting things her way, she'll cyberstalk her targets across the internet, make ridiculous bluffs like involving the police and send death threats, directly and indirectly. As seen here(ht tps:/ /pos timg. cc /gallery/38mwr2hvu/ ) as well as sending unstable individuals to further harass those who don't want to put up with her attitude. As displayed in the following thread: first, second. Additionally, she has recently gotten in league with geniusinmath, despite knowing he's a troll, she fully plays along and shows intentions of supporting his own ploys to harass users. Thankfully they have parted ways, regretabbly they continue their individual stunts.

Super Shadow 2020, using several fake accounts which he himself declares as troll and attempts to blame other users such as Super Shadow 2018(who just happens to be short tempered regarding trolls). Alas upon attempting to follow Geniusinmath and plagiarize Gigabyte, evidence of his own madness was gathered: ht tps://pos timg. cc /gallery/6N9dFsh

This troll is starving for attention, don't give it. Accounts like The Judgement, Douchebagio, Shin-KR-Duelist, The Real Geniusinmath, Suck-My-Magnum-Ding-Dong, Anonymale, Omega Shadow 2019, Lisa Ware-Krantz, 4channer, geniusinmath are all confirmed to be his tools for deceit. If you're aware of any others, do not be afraid to let me know. In short, ignore this troll, don't give him the attention he's so desperate for. Leave him to his edgy fantasies and block him. There's nothing worth gaining from talking to him.

Anonymale is just another one of this troll's accounts, I do not approve nor support threats of violence even if made against trolls. Evidence of my disapproval of his claims otherwise here: ht tps:/ /pos timg. cc /gallery/YH7rxVW , I believe this makes it clear enough that he is neither partner or ally as he claims. Merely a troll desperate to get attention to himself.

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