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I am Dumbledore's man through and through. I don't like fics where Dumbledore is portrayed as stupid. I can understand why some readers and writers hate him, but he is anything but stupid. I also think that much of the hate is coming from the conviction that Dumbledore simply knows everything. And when it comes to light that he doesn't, people tend to think he had to know and just do "evil things" on purpose.

I am in need of beta-reader. But not ordinary beta-reader, who just corrects simple mistakes. My english is acceptable at best and everytime I start writing serious long story, I find out that it is just wrong and I can't fix it. I got so many ideas, but it all fails with my poor writing skills. My understanding of English exeeds expectations, but writing is another thing. For instance, I have no idea how to use present perfect. The time does not even exist in my language. So basically I need someone who will understand what I am trying to say and rewrite it correctly, not just pick point some irrelevant mistakes. If you are willing or know someone good please let me know.

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