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So...It's been forever since I updated my stories and my profile. The reason being: I'm supposed to be a responsible adult working and paying bills and attending college. This leaves me little time to do anything I actually like doing, like reading and writing stories. So let me keep it simple:


Yonkou and Shichibukai: Updated with a filler chapter/omake. I've hit a bit of a block with the actual chapter. It turns out I'm not good at choreographing a fight scene.

Freedom's Neverland: Chapter 5 is getting a weeding: I'm getting rid of unnecessary scenes to shorten it before I send it to my beta. Chapter 6 is in the planning stages.

I'm also working on a fairy tail fanfic. I was unsatisfied with the way it ended. I feel that Mashima didn't do Acnologia justice, I will do that in his stead. There may or may not be a sequal.

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