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Hi! I'm some dork on the internet who writes Fanfiction! And I love crossovers! The Mario series is what I loved since I was in third grade! My username is glowing gem because I really love stuff that glitters! ( I'm a girl)

I can also be found on Deviantart under the same name: glowinggem

I have pictures posted there, some digital art or traditional. I'm not exactly the best artist but I think my work is at least decent.

In the past my interests seem to come, go, come back, and leave again! So the Mario series is the only thing that has stayed with me for a A LONG time. There are some things you should know about me though,

I'm not really the focused type and when writing stories there tend to be long pauses between chapters. I'm starting to write ahead and complete stories before I post them.

I'm not a fan of swearing, and I personally don't do it, but there will be intense moments in my stories where a characters might say "He*" or "Dam*". Anything above however is very unlikely! (Want to keep this somewhat family friendly). But I'm not saying I can control what language other people put in their stories. So I won't give them a hard time.

That area is going to probably be expanded. Anyway... Topics I am currently interested in:

Super Mario

Sonic the hedgehog

Angry birds



Kid icarus

Shantae (thanks to a freind of mine!)



Legend of Zelda

Super smash Bros.

Star wars

Undertale (it's happened to me too! But much tamer than before)


(Certain Disney topics)

-epic Mickey

-Alice in wonderland

-kingdom hearts

-Disney princesses

-Nightmare before Christmas

- Screw it! Almost every Disney series ever made!

(Now back to interests list)

Steven Universe ( my name has nothing to do with the show!. I like the show however it is only a coincidence that I picked out the name glowing gem and that there just happen to be creatures called gems in this show)

Adventure Time

MLP friendship is magic

Ori (blind forest and will of the wisps. Why you got to punch us in the feels moon studios!?)

Also going to be expanded soon... (Also I would like to add. I'm NOT going to be writing fanfics on every single series I'm interested in. Just want to make that clear)

Stories Statuses...

Angry birds Halloween night- I have put that on a long halt, so I can focus more on my main stories. (Plus Halloween is long been over)

Mario and Sonic Protectors of worlds: Lost past discovered future- In progress (paused)

Angry birds Stella: the Ruby ring- In the process of being rewritten

Mario and sonic Protectors of worlds- DISCONTINUED

Adeleine and the Wizard of Azz- In progress

Future stories

Everything that could have been- in progress

Don't let that stupid robot near the dishes!- in progress


Oc characters (will complete when more is revealed in story)

Calypso (aka Misty) (Angry birds stella: the Ruby ring)


Family: TBA

Bio: TBA

Personality: She's very reserved, quiet, calm, and patient. She tends to keep things that bother her to herself, and typically, with Stella and the others, tends to know more then what she let's on about certain things. When dealing with Mertaclede, she's dead serious about the situations involving him to the point where it's beginning to wear down her sense of humor and overall child-like joy. Infact, she sometimes acts purely on emotion which can land her in trouble. There's a bit of self loathing, due to her blaming herself for things that were either beyond her control, or even mistakes that she made. She speaks very elegantly, uses manner when speaking to others, and is very polite to even those who are rude to her. However, with Mertaclede her manners are completely abandoned and tends to lash out at him, but still manages to keep her voice level (sometimes). She's not one to put others in danger, rather protecting those around her if there's danger while not being quite concerned about her own well being. She's very intelligent, and very observant of others, while always open to learn new things. She's a very good listener. And she's very naive about the modern world, but tries to understand to the best of her abilities. She's kind and respectful. She's very caring to those close to her. More will be revealed later on!

Apearence: She has green feathers covering her body, save for her head feathers that are long, tied into a ponytail and multicolored. Bright blue eyes (some even dare say they look like sapphires),

Sprite (Angry birds Stella: the Ruby ring)

Age: 8

Family: TBA

Bio: TBA

Personality: TBA


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