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I'm Meghan.

I am 29, ethically non-monagamous, bisexual, married, and have 2 cats and 2 dogs in MN. I'm currently enrolled in a Creative Writing MFA program, so I am mostly focusing on original fiction these days. My writing muscles are kind of tapped for the moment, but sometimes I write fan fiction. Here it is.

A little bit about my Fics...

Heart-Shaped Box - Part 2 of Eliza Stark's story

About A Girl - Part 1 - Eliza Stark is the kid sister of the infamous Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. Except for being a billionaire she's pretty normal. When aliens invade New York City and a handsome figure from her father's past shows up, she starts to question how 'normal' she really is. CapXOC, see also the prequel on my profile entitled 'Tony Waffles.'


Eliza Stark - Emilia Clarke

Ray Agyeman - Michael Clarke Duncan

I've got this one plotted out through Infinity War, so it'll be a multi-parter! I'm really excited about this and I've hit a really good writing streak recently.

The Trials of a Lioness - After two years, I have FINALLY completed it. I will leave it up because I am rather proud of it, and I encourage all of my adoring fans to read it. Fun Fact: my husband went to the trouble of printing this out in manuscript form - 342 pages!

The Falconess - Saoirse Arryn is not an ambitious woman. She has no desire to lead a country. But when her father Jon Arryn, Hand of the King, suddenly dies, she has no choice but to assume his duties. How will she fare in the Game of Thrones, especially when she never wanted to be involved in the first place? Various pairings, mostly JaimexOC

Saoirse Arryn: Saoirse Ronan

Jon Arryn: Liam Neeson

Bronson Royce: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Hewl Royce: Heath Ledger

Everyone else is as cast in the show. See Pinterest board 'The Falconess - GoT Fanfic' by mmcmanus92 for further visuals

Thanks for stopping by!

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