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Awrighty Im like sooo excited because starting tonight May 28 2005 at 11:00 Pm NEW INUYASHA EPISODES START! Yay yay yay I'm so excited!Well anyway now for my profile. Oh by the way I changed my name from Sessy15001514 to Sesshomaru girl 101 cause it easier to remember.

Favorite Animes

Inuyasha (all hail the king of TV shows), Fullmetal Alchemist, Rave Master, Zatch Bell, Yu Gi Oh (its ok I guess..), Dragon Ball GT, Sailor Moon (I shall miss you), and pokemon.

FavoriteInuyasha Guy Characters

Sesshomaru (Verycool)

Inuyasha (Pretty cool)

Favorite Inuyasha Girl Characters

Kirara (Cute and tough)

Rin (She is just too adorable as little kids go)

Inuyasha Characters I just Can't Stand

Naraku (He's creepy and wierd plus he almost killed Sesshomaru, Rin, Kirara, and Inuyasha my top favorite characters)

Kikyo (She is one heartless BITCH)

Koga (For some reason I can't stand anything about him)

Jaken (He is one FUCKEN UGLY toad why won't Sesshomaru just kill him)

Things I Hate

School, super perverted stories, romantic dribble, baby shows, gross food, strict people, super religous folks, the color green, plants of any kind, milk, summers, reruns, hippocrites, mom's dog, boring shows, non fiction novels, Romeo and Juliet, To Kill A Mockingbird (a novel), finals, heat, old people, people who talk nonstop, idiots, losing, P.E., crying, immature peoples, sex, rape, cats (except for fictional ones), people who refer to Sesshomaru as Fluffy ( one day I shall find the person who started that and kill them), andgetting my stories deleted.

Things I love and Enjoy

Inuyasha, new episodes, good fanfictions, humor, horror movies, shows with lots of gore, nacho cheese (just the cheese screw the nachos), soda, vacation, people who act their age, cartoon network, my pet rat and chihuahua, my room, the computer, video games, Anime, Manga, Pikas, codes, cheating, the day when school gets basted with a flamethrower, swimming, chat rooms, non romantic stuff, time travel and body switching concepts, Sesshomaru and Kirara, fictional demons, music, people my age, and writing fanfiction.

Gender - female

hair color - brown with blonde highlights

eye color - brown

age - 15

height - about 6ft

real name - Kagolli Star (seriously)

favorite color - blue

But I really want to be a full demon ,fictional of course, with blue hair, golden eyes, 5 ft, pointed ears, a black cat tail, claws, red stripes like Sesshomaru, a blue cresent moon on forhead, and with poison and fire attacks.

I love the Tokijin and Tenseiga, I think the Tetsusaiga is awright but I don't care much for it, I think the Shikon jewel is a gigantic waste of time and I don't like it at all.

Favorite Inuyasha Pairings

None at all well not romantic ones anyway but people who I like to see together are






Kikyo+Naraku+Koga+Hell (that is where they belong)

My motto is "Life is short, have fun and die young"

Fanfiction History

Here is Fanfictions I have wrote, will write, and am thinking of writing.

The Switch-I am currently typing this one but I just have to stop being lazy and type the rest down on the comp.

Sesshomaru's Heart-The first ever fanfic I typed although I messed up and had to delete it.

Truth or Dare With the Inuyasha Cast-This one was one of my best ones and it was going great until some IDIOT deleted it and all because it included me and my 2 made up chars. Feh prefectionests.

But that's the old profile and people change with time hey peoples it's life get over it! Well the new eps. of Inuyasha ended "WAAAAAAHHHH!" and got some more fav. shows "huraaah" (sarcastic) and some got dropped "awwwwww" (still sarcastic) and on with my profile. Oh and if you noticed I haven't been writing weeeellll it's cause there is this thing called I DON'T HAVE A FREAKIN COMPUTER AT THE MOMENT SO BE PATIENT ALREADY! You know that kind of stuff.

Favorite Inuyasha Characters

1. Bankotsu (wow someone actually surpassed Sesshomaru 0.0)

2. Sesshomaru (oh yeah the Sess is still great! And quit calling him Fluffy already, Hmph!)

3. Inuyasha (still great just not the greatest...)

4. Kirara (she's soooo CUUUUUTTTTEEE cause she's a thingy)

5. Sango (OOOOOHHHH YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH never thought she'd make it 0.0)

Most Despised Inuyasha Characters

1. Koga (Hedidn't use ta be bad only since he fell in love with Kagome then he changed...DIE KOGA!)

2.Kagome (She didn't use ta be bad either only when she became madly in love with Inu then she changed drastically, DIE KAGOME!)

3. Naraku (Ok he finally crossed the line I mean...FUSING WITH A MOUNTAIN, KILLING BANKOTSU, AND TRAPPING EVERYONE IN HIS INTESTINES! That's just wrong...)

Favorite Shows

1. Inuyasha (Still the king of T.V)

2. Naruto

3. Zatch Bell

4. Bo bo bo bo bo bo bo (It's freakin hillarious)

Things I love and enjoy

Saturdays, the mind world (you don't wanna know...), new eps., Inuyasha, Bankotsu (I shall miss you...), my sis, thingys, cards, Anime, Mangas, Computer, Writing Fanfics, making quizzes, drawing, nacho cheese, walking, sleeping, hats, humor, horror, action, interesting movies, holidays, rock music, Krab radio, my cd player, video games, web design class, my Inuyasha Plushies, being alone, chatrooms, bashing, the day that I'm free from school, and money.

Thing I despise

Stereotypes, school, P.E, baby shows, Fluffy the nickname, Koga&Kagome, reruns, heat, sex, sick stuff, emotional crap, romance, drama, country&pop, fart jokes, talkative peeps, my real name (Rachel Fitzsimons), annoying chibis, old people, plants, flowers, the color grey, and optimistic crap. Moms dog too.


Age: 15

Brown hair with blonde highlights

Brown eyes

about 6 ft tall

wears blue T-Shirts, black torn up converse shoes, blue hat, and jeans

Gender: Girl

Name: My name to be when I FINALLY get it changed is Sango Chan

Fanfiction History

The Switch will progress when I FINALLY get the chance to write it

Little Brother: I will eventually write it well it's about Sess who finds his other little brother who is 8 in human years named Kaiso who annoys the hell out of him.

Origins: I dunno about this one I might write it...

Miroku's Revenge: It is as the name states well this one's in the making

Fyi all my fanfics have at least some humor in them.

Well SAYONARA for now...

Wow...well, I suppose this profile too it out of date...might as well update once more...meh.

Favorite shows


Code Geass

Dn Angel

Bleach-although ever since Ulqui died I'm starting to reconsider this one...

Other favorite fiction

Twilight-so kill me

Harry Potter



Favorite Naruto Characters

Deidara- He's a me alltime favorite!





Least Favorite Naruto Characters




Rock Lee


Other Favorite Anime Characters


Lelouch-Code geass



L-death note

Shadow-sonic games


Height- 6 ft

Hair- down to waist, color black

Eyes- Dark brown

Skin - pale

Age- 20

Gender- I've been lying to ya guys all this time, I'm a guy! Jk Jk, I kid...or am I?

Attire- I wear black and chains

Thing I like: Anime, Naruto, good fanfiction, video games, plushie games(don't ask), plushies, anime cons, cosplaying, death metal and alternative rock, good romance/supernatural/mystery, good humor, Dei-kun, cloudy days, walking in the rain, college!, playing the guitar, ogre battle, horror movies, Japan, and Taco Bell.

A few things I don't like: Mornings, sun, daytime, being around people, high school(yay I'm out!), rap, bad humor, bad fanfiction, making Deidara a whore, people who insult Dei-kun(he died! give him some respect fools), Sasuke haters(basically the world), omg girls, people who think they know it all but they don't, and character deaths of ones I love.

Fanfiction history:

The Switch: I might finish it if I feel like it

Miroku's Revenge: Its finished!

Sacred Well: Its finished!

And I am currently working on a Deisaku fanfic that I might post. Just wait until then I guess...

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