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Stone Elbow
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I am currently writing a Naruto fanfic, "Common Sense", which has been on hiatus for a long time and is now back in business! Hopefully I won't lose my muse again.

I have somewhat of a plan and some scenes written for a Harry Potter multi-crossover series, but it will be many months, if not years, before I publish the first chapter. One fanfic at a time.

My one-shot, "Time Travel Story", is complete. Over. Finished. Yes, there's a lot left to your imaginations, but that's what keeps you smiling after you finish reading the story. It's just not a compelling premise for a multi-chapter plot.

My favorite stories are action/humor. If only FFNet had an "Action" category. I enjoy Super!main character stories, as long as it's not power gained through some kind of deus ex. Harry Potter time travel fics are fun, Naruto time travel fics almost always suck. You'll find my reading preferences translate directly to the type of stories I write.

I subscribe to the Dr. Who theory of time-travel, in which you don't have to be nearly as careful about paradoxes as in other theories. See the 2011 "Space" and "Time" mini-episodes for the kinds of awesome shit you can pull under this theory of time-travel.

Stone Elbow's Rules of Fanfiction

  1. Creativity is the most important component of any tale. Write something original.

  2. Never repeat large portions of content from canon. If you do, you may find yourself guilty of third-degree murder by boredom.

  3. Diction, grammar, and spelling are extremely important. A wonderful, creative and entertaining story can be ruined by horrible English. If you are not a native speaker of the language you're writing, get someone to proofread!

  4. A good fanfic starts as a daydream you had after you read/watched some canon or another fanfic. You let your imagination run with it, and voila! Fanfiction.

Pet Peeves

– Authors who write fanfics for anime, TV shows, or movies, and write screenplays instead of prose. Symptoms of this problem are:

  1. Using "Flashback Start" and "Flashback End" tags instead of using prose-style segues like "Harry thought back to when he was 8 years old..."

  2. Authors describing visual effects which are clearly meant as directions for CGI artists.

  3. Overly detailed descriptions of characters' clothing.

– Authors who write anime/manga fanfics in English, but use too many Japanese words. Some things, like the "-san", "-chan", "-kun", etc., suffixes, can lend a nice cultural flavor to a story. If you're writing in English, you have to limit it to terms commonly known to people who have exposure to Japanese culture but don't speak the language. Otherwise you may as well just write it in Japanese in the first place.

– Authors who just plain follow the canon storyline. Some of these are writing side-stories for other characters, stuff like that. It's boring because the plot is 100% predictable. If you're gonna write a Harry Potter/Avengers crossover, then don't freakin' write the New York invasion with every single scene identical, but with Harry stuck into the scene... it gives the feeling that Harry is a completely ineffectual character who makes no difference to the plot.

– Authors who straight-up plagiarise other peoples' fanfics without permission or attribution. Know that if you do this, I will hate you forever.

– Stories in which the main protagonist is romantically paired with someone he/she cannot or should not be able to respect. Examples include most Naruto/Hinata fics, some Harry/Ginny fics, literally all large harem fics, and pretty much anything in which Draco Malfoy is part of a relationship. Respect is the basis of any relationship. Trust is based on respect. (The "I trust you with my heart" type, not the "I trust you with my money" type.) Love requires trust. If you don't have respect, your relationship is based on nothing more than physical attraction, possibly with some mutual interests/hobbies thrown in, but nothing more lasting.

– There is good quality humor, and there is crude sexual innuendo. Innuendo can be funny and it has its place, but it's really cheap. If an author is incapable of using any other form of humor, it gets extremely boring after the first few chapters.

– Authors who use Author's Notes to tell their story. This is a really, really, incredibly, horribly LAME way to tell a story. Get your story to tell itself! Don't use an author's note to say, "Harry is 5 years old" or to explain a confusing point in the plotline, or even to describe a spell or jutsu. If it's important enough to interest the reader, it's important enough to work it into the story itself. Use foreshadowing to indicate plot plans. Have another character act as a foil and ask for a spell description, list it as a quote from a book, or even just write out the description in the middle of the story (you're allowed to do that when writing from the omniscient third person point of view).

Please review. I will read every review. I want to hear what you think, even if it's just one word! If you don’t like my story, write me a scathing flame of a review. If you can, make your insults witty and creative. If you can’t do that, write some shit anyway. Anything to increase the number of reviews on my fic, and thus the number of people who will find it using “Sort by Reviews”. MWAH-HAH-HAH-HA!

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