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Hi all! You can call me Cheryl, and don't hold out much hope for stories. I took a look at my old journals and tossed them away. Trust me, I did all of you a favor. There were so many grammatical and spelling errors you would have died by reading them. Not to mention that the plot lines sucked and nothing was structured at all. I'll try my hand at typing something up between now and the end of the year, But I make no promises! So wish me luck and I'll see what I can give you out of my imagination.

Update. 12/6/11

It's been way too long since I've said anything on here or written a story for the fun of it. Life and all it's responsibilities and stresses has gotten in the way. High School is over and I've been working ever since, waiting to find out what I'd like to do. I have some answers now, now all I need is the tuition. I'll be honest, I'm on here more often to read and then just get back to whatever life event has come up next. My creative motivation has been next to nothing since High School. I hope to change that, some how some way.

Works in Progress:

Time to Breath- Synlet ( I recently got into this pairing, but to be honest if people weren't so amazing at writing, and I was just going off the movie I think, I'd barf If you even mentioned this.) based 10 or more years in the future. Vi is living on her own and enjoying her freedom, but when she puts on the mask she's Invisigirl not Violet Parr. But there's a problem, every time she puts on the mask she remembers. She remembers every hit, every scream, every close call, and every death, everything that's happened to her and what she's done. She hasn't been Invisigirl for nearly 5 years. Sitting by that computer for half a decade will things come up that will bring her back to fighting crime?

Obsessions: Gargoyles, Stargate Sg-1, Beetle Juice, The Incredables, beauty and the beast, Harry potter, Doctor Who, Phantom of the Opera, Labyrinth, Mirror Mask, Avatar (that hasn't shown ANY new episodes in a few months), Narnia, anything by Tim Burton, The Guardians of time trilogy...

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