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Oh wow, I haven't updated this in ages. Oops. (Last update 05-01-2017. Ouch.)

Welcome to my domain! Below you find a couple of old stories I'll probably never finish (started when I was 15 and uploaded to another side) and a handful of ongoing stories.

I write mostly for Beyblade, Metal series (not published here, and let's be honest, the fandom is...eh...dead) and a lot of crossovers.

Most of them never make it past my hard drive. Below, you can find a My Hero Academia / Avater: the last Airbender crossover, a Harry Potter / Howl's Moving Caste crossover is in the working stage and will be uploaded once it is complete (I don't need any more unfinished stories lookng at me accusingly when I haven't published anything in 2 months again) and per request a My Hero Academia / X-Men Evolution crossover that's also still in the working phase. Lastly, there might be a crossover between Hunter x Hunter / Fullmetal Alchemist, but that one resists me at every turn.

I'm a sucker for crossovers, if you didn't notice. So if you know any good crossovers and stumbled upon this profile, feel free to drop me a hint anytime!

Oof, what else is there to say... I'm 20, college student, currently busy with online classes that are way to easy to sleep into. Can watch the recordings after, right? I'll do it in the evening! You all know that I didn't.

Beside that, I'm the proud owner of a horse, a Freiberger, horses used by Switzerland military who I raised since she was 10 months old. My heart and my sould.

I've always lived in Germany, I don't do drugs or alcohol simply because my head is already fuzzy enough without that stuff and yet I still manage to scrape for my last money at the end of each month. (Nooo, don't blame the horse. She's innocent.)

The only game I play is a mobile game called Alliance vs Empire, AxE for short. Shout-out to any fellow players here! If any of you is here I'd be happy to say hi. (Besides my sister, she doesn't count.)

I listen to EVERY kind of music there is. From rap to Schlager to death metal to punk rock. As long as there is just this one part where the melody takes an interesting turn or the lyrics somehow hit close to home. Lately I've been a passionate listener to cabaret songs. (To all fellow Germans out ther, check out "Das Lumpenpack", only cabaret band I know of that's not only cabaret plus a guitar but really cabaret AND awesome music. You'll love them.)

What else... I'm a major Stargate-SG1 fan, but I don't dare writing for it since it's such a gigantic universe and I'm sure I'd throw everything in a muddle.

Also a major fan of the X-Men evolution and Anime series. Don't get me started on the movies though. As a Cyclops fan everything except Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix felt like a slap in the face. Not as bad as the Wolverine and the X-Men series, that had some nice moments but the general gist was... let's not talk about it.

And lastly I've always been a Lord of the Rings fan, one of the thousand Legolas fans, although Frodo, Aragorn and Sam come reeeally close. Liked the movies, loved the books. Seriously, Arwen got more screentime than Frodo, the RINGbearer in the Lord of the RINGs. Oh well. I'll just stand over there in a corner bitter about there having to be a love affair shoved down our throats when there were like 5 sentences in the books and one was literally a 4 word sentence telling "Aragorn married Arwen Undomiel."

As you might read from the last one, I don't do ships. I'm fine with a nicely written romance like in the Percy Jackson books. It's there, it's a driving force, but it doesn't hinder the story. If your whole motivation to write a story is because char A and char B have to have wild reproductive actions, then feel free to do so. Don't expect me to do the same.

I've read so many summaries with the exact words "It's Klance. That's all you need to know." Uh, no, I would actually prefer to know if it's an adventure story, or a Drama story, or a romance story, or a "Damn I want to get in your pants and I think that's love haha oops it was only lust no matter you and I belong together because my little friend said so" crap.

Also I've gotten reviews under my VERY story orientated STORIES demanding this or that ship happen "so the real story can begin." Uh, no. Please go away in that case. I will include canon ships, but that's it. They might get an offhand mention.

Sounds harsh, I know. But I won't force myself to write something I don't like, the majority of my readers won't like, just because one person thinks who a character shares his bed with is more important than his skills and accomplishments. I'm writing for the characters, not for the ships.

On that happy note, check out the stories below, pick one and have fun! Or leave, I guess, I'll be sulking here then...

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