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I read this one story called "Show them madness" by wickedlfairy 17, and they had the best nursery rhyme i've ever read. here it is

hush little demon don't you cry

no one care how you feel inside

but if you make them scream in pain

the tears you cried won't be in vain

many will try to hold you close

because its you they will fear the most

don't you let their lies deceive

because it's only revenge you'll need

they beat you til you broke inside

and that's and how came to reside

in a darkness cold and deep

it's your secrets i will keep

they see nothing but your mask

this will help you with your task

the trust they place in you will fail

and with a smile you'll drag them to hell

because in the end there's only power

before you they all will cower

so hush little demon don't you cry

because in the end they all will die.

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