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Been lurking around FF for since late 2015.

Ran out of decent 100k word plus stories to read... so why not contribute was what my thought was.

Favourite fanficdoms (Not series/books)

1. RWBY (BY FAAAAAAAARRRR. Hot damn does that fandom have quality, even if cannon was more or less mediocre. Going by percentages, it has the least amount of crap.)

2. Harry Potter (Though I see how flawed it is now. The original series that is.)

3. A Song of Ice and Fire (Not GOT. Though the series isn't bad. Also. SO MANY LONG FICS, YAAAY!)

4. To Aru Majutsu No Index (heh, this is the fourth on my list, yet I am writing three stories here. Go figure. Maybe because it has no real long stories barring the three or so I am following. Maybe 10 decent stories in the fandom?)


1. To Aru Majutsu no Yogeh: Touma has the worst luck. While trying to save Mikoto from some guys (supposedly) harassing her, he gets hit on the head, and causing heavy brain damage. To prevent itself from being stuck in a vegetable of a body, unknown aspects of Imagine Breaker surface, dragging along another poor soul for the ride...

If you couldn't figure out the name (Or not find the word 'Yogeh'), it translates to 'A Certain Magical Game'. Make your guesses on the content from there :)

This, too, is on hiatus now. Just not up to writing the micro details that the gamer needs.

2. The UNIFICATION Project: Touma and Mikoto got away too lightly after the SISTERS saga. Thus, my inserts to justify their leniency. Was supposed to be an even more powerful!Mikoto fic, with Touma and Accelerator forming an unlikely duo, but got bogged in the timeline. My pet peeve actually, why is it SO DAMN TIGHT?! Start to end, upwards of 20 books take place in SIX MONTHS?! GAHHH!!! The first chapters of the revised version are up! (Once again on hiatus. Sorry, just don't feel up o it)

3. Rebirth: A story in which Touma is a person reborn with the memories of his past life intact. An exploration of his possible life as a result of his different personality and experience advantage. No meta knowledge. No gamer.

SIOC fic. You have been warned. I don't intend for this to be a powertrip.


1. (untitled):A story in RWBY, where a girl and a boy with Semblances equivalent to the powers of Mikoto and Accelerator respectively surface, and their adventures in that universe. Not a crossover, but uses elements from To Aru Majutsu no Index

2. (Untitled): A HP-GOT crossover, where a post-Hogwarts Harry finds himself pulled into the godswood of Winterfell while he was walking through the Forbidden Forest one winter, observing an unusual red comet that had appeared in the skies over Britain.

Well I haven't updated as promised have I?

Sorry about that, I just don't feel up to writing the gamer much for the nonce

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