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Hi,so this is dizzy_otaku.

I won't give you my real name because than I'd get in trouble...haha...

Well,I've never written a fanfiction before but I'd love to be a part of one.

My favorite animes are:
Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu Yu Hakushou, Cardcaptor Sakura, Gravitiation, InuYasha, Pretear, Shaman King, Yugi-oh, Pokemon(no one can stop me!XD) ,Kikidar, Cyborg 009, Read or Die, Spirited Away, Wolfs Rain, Here is Greenwood , Digimon(yes, I know.Sorry...T_T),& Princess Mononoke.

My favorite manga are:
Fruits Basket, Cardcaptor Sakura, Gravitation, Inu Yasha , Shaman King, Yugi-oh, FAKE ,Yami no Matsuei, Level C(yes, I know its hentai....), Mars, Alice 19th, Desire, Only the Ring Finger Knows, Eerie Queerie,Sgt. Frog, Until the Full Moon(ending yaoi.T_T), DNAngel, Naruto, Hikaru no Go, Sailor Moon(not so much), Legal Drug, Chobits,Saiyuki,& Get Backers.

So...I guess I'm more of a manga girl,lol.
Well I don't ONLY like anime,but its something I'm really interested in it.

Oh and I thought I'd just say hi to my friends out there!

I met her though fanfiction and I really hope we can stay that friends.I've had bad experiances with net-friends.They usually bore of me than ignore me completely 'til I get the signal...I'm not really a social person so its been really hard for me to keep in I have school and I'm about to enter high school soon.

My friend from school.Really likes tinkerbell(like you can't tell) but she can be really annoying...anyway,I just thought I'd include her in here in case she read this.

YAY! I met her and her friend(I think her friend's name s Paige) through The Otaku and its been fun talking with her. I hope we can keep PM-ing each other though gaia. You're probably the nicest of all my friends.YAY-NESS!o

Bye dizzy_otaku

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