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I'm Lucy. I'm 17 with blond hair. I'm very random and very trustworthy. I'm obsessed with Twilight, Divergent, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Underworld, and a number of other things not worth mentioning.

I know that there is another person on FanFiction called TheTotallyIvisibleGirl. No, I am not her or related to her. We've talked on PMs but I have no actual bond with her.

Twilight is my lover

Divergent is my friend

Lord of The Rings is my child

Harry Potter is my other child

And Underworld is where I shall one day lay to rest

In Divergent

I am Erudite

In Twilight

I am Cold

In Lord of The Rings

I am a Hobbit

In Harry Potter

I am Bold

In Underworld

I am Lycan, a Werewolf to my soul

In Lockwood & Co

I am a Hunter

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