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Yo! So It's currently 4:47 am and I should be sleeping right now but I wanted to make this. Well, whatever this is.

Anyways some things you may or may not want to know about me.

I am nocturnal. Not a vampire though. I just love sleeping. I usually sleep twelve hours on vacation. Maybe more.

I love reading. Though only what I want to read and basically mostly fanfiction.

I rarely comment. I'm working on it now though. Trying to comment more on various stories.

I stay up longer than 12 am most of the time. Sometimes I sleep early.

I love flowers. I usually use them in my usernames.

I love chrysanthemums and sunflowers. They just seem cool. Of course I like a whole bunch more but oh well. Can't remember them all.

I write fanfiction. I just don't post them here because it's mostly just SI one-shots and I can't upload it from my phone. Well updated on 2017, now has stuff on the phone but not the iPad. very saddening. Also, I have started on a few stories which are no long Self - Inserts. Yay for me!

I love stuffed animals. Just don't question it. Also animals, don't question those either.

I like drawing. It's a nice past time. More like a hobby.

I am part of multiple fandoms. I just won't list them down.

Ah. It's almost 5 am. I need to sleep... they're waking up soon. I just realized how creepy that sounds.

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