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I love reading and writing fanfiction! I know I have quite a few stories that aren't finished, but hopefully, one day, they will be. I appreciate all reviews. I get anon guest reviews on some of my Gilligan's Island stories because they don't like my pairings. All I ask is to be respectful. I don't understand why people read stories about ships they don't like. Like I said on the forums, we should all just get along.

I am a MAG and Pinger shipper when it comes to Gilligan's Island, but I do take a glimpse at the other ships from time to time, and there are a couple of MAP stories that are pretty good. I will NOT, however, change who I ship.

Here's my TV show ships:

Gilligan/Mary Ann The Professor/Ginger Thurston/Lovey (Gilligan's Island)

The Office: Michael/Holly Jim/Pam Dwight/Angela Andy/Erin

Friends: Ross/Rachel Chandler/Monica Mike/Phoebe

That 70's Show: Eric/Donna Hyde/Jackie Red/Kitty

Frasier: Niles/Daphne Frasier/Charlotte

Andy Griffith Show: Andy/Helen Barney/Thelma Lou

Seinfeld: Jerry/Elaine

Schitt's Creek: Johnny/Moira Ted/Alexis David/Patrick

Shameless: Kevin/Veronica Carl/Kelly

Gilmore Girls: Luke/Lorelai Logan/Rory Jackson/Sookie Richard/Emily

The Nanny: Maxwell/Fran Niles/CC

The Munsters: Herman/Lily

The Addams Family: Gomez/Morticia

I Love Lucy: Ricky/Lucy Fred/Ethel

9-1-1: Bobby/Athena Buck/Abby Howie/Maddie

Bates Motel: Dylan/Emma Alex/Norma

The Good Doctor: Sean/Leah Dr. Melendez/Claire

iCarly: Freddie/Sam

Good Times: James/Florida

All in the Family: Archie/Edith

Bob Newhart Show: Bob/Emily

Newhart: Dick/Joanna Michael/Stephanie

Home Improvement: Tim/Jill


The screencaps I used for some of my Gilligan fanfics is thanks to unchartered-desert-isle over at Tumblr. The screencaps are great, and I appreciate being able to use them :)

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