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Hello, and welcome to my profile's homepage.

Hopefully, I can please your fanfiction needs, in any way I am able. But first, a challenge to all fanfic writers. And before you ask,

I, in no way, am trying to plagiarize the Displaced category on , I am merely giving it more diverse vitality for the internet.

Nine Rules for


It may be a self-insert. You must choose on what you or your OC turns into. You must choose the world to place you or your OC from any category on Books, Comics, etc.). You or your OC must start as a human, going to a convention, in a costume of a 'fictional character' who buys a very realistic 'prop' of item in 'fictional dimension' from the RE4 merchant , to then be placed in the main world that your fanfic will focus on, and they are to become whatever character they were @ the convention. You may choose if you or your OC knows the world that they're in or not. You or your OC can be either good, bad, neutral, or chaotic. You must have "Ultimate Displacement" (UDP) in the title, and it must be labeled as a crossover. If people want more and you're out of ideas, ask them what they want to see. Be creative with your story.
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