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Hey! I'm a total Greek Mythology freak! Most of all, I'm in love with Agamemnon! I mean, he has the gretaest character of all time, so mysterious...yet somber. Anyway, I'm sorry that I didn't get to indent the chapter correctly, but I'll do so with future chapters. Besides him, I also love Orpheus and Orion. My other hobbies include: reading fan fiction ;) writing, singing, listening to music, etc. I'm a beginning writer so go easy on me OK? Please R &R.

Other all time faves include: Vegeta from Dragonball Z since he's so funny and sexy, Sesshomaru and Miroku from Inuyasha cuz I love Sesshomaru's good looks and confidence and Miroku is handome and funny, Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles since he's the bad boy out of them, Donald Duck cuz he's so cute when he's angry, Daffy Duck cuz he needs some love, and Psyduck cuz...he has cool powers when you hit him in the head. Well...that was a mouthful. See y'all later! ;)

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