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My name is Eddie and I am a fanfiction writer.

My first story on here was "Rainbow Six Siege: The Unsung Hero". Since then, I have expanded my horizon and started more fanfiction projects. I mainly type stories to relieve pressure because of college and life in general. I don't have much to say but I'll give a list of what I like to do:

What I like to do:

- College (Yes I know. Education is important to me).

- Video games (Mainly playing Rainbow Six Siege and Smite. I Will occasionally play Overwatch).

- Watch eSports (R6 Pro League, Smite, and CS:GO).

Favorite teams according to league:

- New England Patriots (NFL).

- Los Angeles Lakers (NBA).

- New York Excelsior (Overwatch League).

- Optic Chicago (CDL).

- G2 eSports (R6 Pro League and CSGO).

Gamer Tags:

- ObamaCare4real (PS4 main account).

- TrumpCare4real (PS4 backup account, only use the account if I want to play with friends that do not want to play against TriHards. May end up being main account since my primary account has been suspended three times already lol).

- ObamaCare4real (Steam account).

- OC4R#1299 ( account, I only play Overwatch at the moment).

Games that I currently play:

- Rainbow Six Siege (I play on PC now since the switch over a year ago).

- League of Legends (PC).

- Smite (PC and PS4).

Favorite pairings:

- Genji x Mercy (Overwatch OTP)

- McCree x Ashe (Overwatch)

- McCree x Widowmaker (Overwatch)

- McCree x Pharah (Overwatch)

- Leon x Claire (Resident Evil OTP)

- Leon x Ada (Resident Evil, former OTP)

- Chris x Jill (Resident Evil)

- Sokka x Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender OTP).

- Aang x Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender).

- Superman x Wonder Woman (DC Comics OTP)

- Batman x Catwoman (DC Comics)

- Gohan x Supergirl (Dragon Ball x DC Comics).

Current Fanfiction stories I am working on/ Have planned:

- Rainbow Six Siege: The Unsung Hero (Five chapters up, many more to go).

- A Little Piece of Heaven, Avatar: The Last Airbender (Set several years after the 100 Year War. Heavy canon divergence, doesn't follow the comics. Eventual/Endgame Sokka x Azula. A couple of chapters are done but I'm waiting for the right time to post the story).

- Untitled Overwatch story (Set before and after the recall. slow burn Gency - Eventual Pharmercy - Endgame Gency. McCree x Ashe x Widowmaker polygamous relationship, planned).

- Untitled Overwatch / Attack on Titan crossover story (Gency centric. McAshe and McWidow, planned).

- Dragon Ball Super: Power Unleashed story (Gohan as main character. Basically re-telling the Dragon Ball Super story but with Gohan as the main character. Established Gohan x Videl - Eventual Gohan x Caulifla, planned).

- Justice League: Warriors of Valor (Set after Dragon Ball Super: Power Unleashed. Slow burn Gohan x female Justice League member, not decided yet. Leaning towards Supergirl or Donna Troy, planned).

- Yu-Gi-Oh!: Beyond Two Spirits (Set before, during, and after The Dark Side of Dimensions. Past Joey x Mai - Established Valon x Mai - Eventual/Endgame Joey x Mai, planned).

- Resident Evil: Anthem of the Dead (Follows the Resident Evil video games timeline with a few canon divergences, Leon x Claire, planned).

- Batman: The Vindictive Warrior (New 52 inspired, planned. Batman x Catwoman).

Scooby-Doo! Enigma of Love (Shaggy x Daphne, planned).

Fanfiction stories that are completed:

- Three is better than two (Completed and uploaded 05/26/2019. Established Switch!Leon x Switch!Claire x Sub!Ada).

- The Power Of Love (Completed and uploaded 03/31/2018. Established Thermite x Ash).

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