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Hi! My pen name is Kim Pluedeman (because I don't want to give away my real name, duh!), but I go by Kitchen Patrol as an alias... you know... Kim Pluedeman... Kitchen Patrol... oh, now you get it! KP also works as well. So, anyways, I am a person who loves to write and writes for love... or for pure pleasure of it. Either or. Anyways, I've been trying to write some more stories and they are coming, but not yet. So, patience peepsies. Reading material will be coming soon... sooner... eventually... maybe later.

Other than me writing, I also LOVE to figure skate. I have been skating since I was about 4 years old and now I've made it onto the UWEC Goldenettes Synchronized Skating Team!! yeay You probably don't care that much, but I do. Well, let's see, skating, writing... oh, I love to read TONS of books as well, sleep, eat, play on the internet, the usual stuff. I have middle length hair that is strawberry blonde, greyish-bluish eyes, and I am extremely tall and skinny. No, really, I'm almost 6 foot and weigh bout 135 lbs. And, to add the intensity of my weight gain need, I had jaw surgery just over a year ago, and proceeded to lose 15 pounds from it. It royally sucked, hard core. You try syringing liquids through your teeth for a month and tell me how it goes. Thankfully, between that surgery in January and now, I've gained it back and am steadily (but not dangerously!) gaining something to my scarce bones!

Continuing on with myself, I love Harry Potter and the Middle Earth world, I love Roald Dahl, C.S. Lewis, Phillip Pullman, Christopher Paolini, and Dan Brown as well, and I am so into mangas like there's no tomorrow. Anime's my forte as well (hence the InuYasha stories...), and I usually like to watch House, Law/Order SVU, Degrassi, Project Runway, Rock of Love (for no other reason than to laugh my butt off), Heroes (YEAH HEROES!!), 30 Rock, The Office and the original Iron Chef. I won't accept any of this "America" crap from Iron Chef; it's the real deal or nothing at all. My music range is quite large, so I'm sure that if you asked me about a certain band or genre, I would most likely like it. Except bluegrass, polka, and certain country songs. The bluegrass and polka is a past horror to me because my father used to force us to listen to it on long car rides. Country, well, the Brad Paisley song "I'd Like to Check You for Ticks"... that makes my dislike self-explanatory.

My three stories that I am writing right now are all on InuYasha, and I will get them all finished! I'm just a horrible procrastinator. A lot of times I just need a push in the back to keep writing these chapters. Let's see, a synopsis of each...

Fair Maiden: This is one of my first stories on the site. Basically, Kagome is kidnapped by Naraku early on in the story. Something happens between them (I'm not going to reveal that; read the story!) and InuYasha finds her bleeding into a small pool, badly bruised and cut. InuYasha and Kagome's love for each other reaches a passionate point, but Naraku's attack falls into the past as they continue their search for the jewel. The only one not forgetting is Kagome, whose frequent nightmares is starting to scare both her and InuYasha. Time passes, and Kagome notices that something is not right. What is that? You'll just have to keep reading and find out! This story is probably the most popular of all the others at this current time. It's darker, more mysterious, and very dramatic; rated M for a reason!! There are lemons in it, so if you don't like that kind of stuff then don't read it. It is really well written, so if you want to just skip the chapters that have them, it's your choice.

As it Was: Kagome wakes up in her time without any rememberance of the Feudal Era or of the year she spent within it. She keeps having these dreams of blurry faces and voices telling her to come back. What does it mean? Well, it might just mean the link to her past!! This one's also dramatic, but more light-hearted than Fair Maiden. It's also less adult... No lemons!

Once Upon a Time: The first quirky, funny, amazingly light-hearted story from me starts off with a BANG! Everyone's in high school, and the senior play is approaching! The title? Sleeping Beauty! Kagome has pressured InuYasha into trying out with her, but this show definitely has some major disturbances... The show MUST go on, no matter how messed up it gets! This one seems promising, so keep an eye on it! It's going places, I'll tell you! This story really is a blast to write, so I know that I'm going to want to keep writing it.

I do have an idea for another story, but until I get all these other ones done I'm not starting it! I will, however, give you a sneak peek... Yeay for being nice! Okay, my brainstorming led me to pursue the InuYasha-stylized story of the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!! Actually, it was more just watching the movie that inspired me towards the idea. So InuYasha, Kagome, Miroku and Sango would be the four humans that travel from their world into Narnia, either Naraku or Kikyo would act as Jadis (I'm not sure yet, whichever sounds best in my write-ups...), and from there it would develop! I don't believe in designing my stories completely around previous texts, but I'll definitely use it as a basis. For example, I'll probably scratch the whole four kids being related just to up the tension, not to mention Naraku's not a girl if he were portraying Jadis... InuYasha's temper would change things a bit... I could also change up the time period they fall into the wardrobe, and instead of the wardrobe they could fall into a well... oh, man, I've got to stop otherwise I'll write the story right here and now! Well, you've gotten yourself a small peek of what I'm to write next, but I won't be starting it until at LEAST Fair Maiden's done. I'll give it that long!

I believe that is all for myself. Oh, wait, my Birthday is on September 11th, and I'm very proud of that fact, thank you very much! If I'm not mistaken, I came before the terrorist's attacks on our nation, so I look at my special day with a big smile on my face. You should try it. Anyways, if you are interested in getting to know me better than the several paragraphs before you, then just email me and drop a line! My most current one is my college line, which is . That's the one I check most frequently, but I do check my other one on occasion. Well, time flies and I've gotta catch the wind!

~Kitchen Patrol

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