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Nameless Namer PM
Joined Jan '16

'Ello people

I just figured out how to do this so forgive any mistake am too awesome

Name: Nameless Namer

Don't fall for this! Unicorns do exist but their hiding out with the vampiric mole people until the golden gargoyles go away.

Age: Immortal

Now 15!

Gender: Female

Me: That's my story and I'm sticking to it

Nameless: That's not how it works

Me: Does now

Birthday: December 16th

Fanfiction Interest(s):

Well I love tails, can't get enough of them

I love animes that have a new, deep, and unexpected plot like Weres Harry? or The White Dog. Warning! Neither of these are finished and it'll break your heart when it's done (maybe)

I LOVE Billy Batson a.k.a. Captain Marvel, how could YOU NOT!? He is so adorable and nice and smart and just just overall awesomeness emanating from his pores

I like when I read a fanfiction and it surprises me (wow it's almost like the author felt this themself) usually this is for Naruto works

IDK: Don't really know what I should put here?

I should put IDK here, be unique

Fanfic Ideas: My brain is deprived of inspiration

Update: Well, over the year or so since I've joined I realize that I am much more confident than I was before so I might start churning out some works soon. Thank you CWC from the boost of self-esteem.

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