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Hey, what's up? You can call me Blooky or whatever. I used to be on here under a different name years ago, but now I'm here, with this name. Figured it'd be good to give myself some better memories of this place. Please use they/them pronouns for me!

I've written a lot of stuff I don't have uploaded on here currently so right now I've been playing catchup! I have about 80 fics that are either unpublished or that are on here but missing chapters so please be patient! Some of the unpublished ones also have multiple chapters... this will take me a while. Anything on here that's missing chapters is probably finished by now, so please by patient until I get to publishing the remaining chapters. Thanks for your patient, and if you've read any of my fics, thank you for reading! I hope you like them!

Below I'll list all the fics that are grouped together for both your convenience and mine.

Underheart is a Kingdom Hearts/Undertale AU a friend of mine and I have created. As it develops, I'll be writing more and more fanfics from it! I won't be writing it out as an actual story like Hardtale, it's more likely you'll see oneshots here and there saying they're from Underheart.

Canon Underheart Stories:
Sovereign Match

Not-Canon Underheart Stories:
Seeds of a Memory
The Last Soul
Shocker Breaker

Reconnect is a series of Undertale stories taking place after the Alphys ending of a Neutral Run. They mostly focus around Sans and Alphys, rekindling a a crumbled friendship in the aftermath of near-genocide. Alphys is the leader of the monsters that remain, and Sans stays around to help her out.

All stories that are part of Reconnect are in the same timeline. There is no real order as far as when they take place or how they should be read. The one exception to the series' order is Night of Fate, which takes during the events of Undertale and before the rest.

Lonely Monsters
An Inkling of Hope
Something Broken
Night of Fate

return false; is a complete series of two Undertale stories taking place after a no mercy run. You give up your soul in order to bring back the those whose lives you have taken. It is a fair trade, I suppose. (Reader is Frisk, Chara in some later entries)

return null;
return true;
return soul;
reset(Frisk.getSoul(), Chara.getSoul());
private float limit;
while(!forgiven) {

Name the Eighth Human is comprised of three different timelines. Each are branched off possibilities from one alternate timeline: Frisk is the fallen human. From there, the differences between each story is based off of different decisions and outcomes that have been made. After all, they say whenever you choose between two things, there is an alternate timeline where an alternate you chose the other thing. I renamed this series to A Deviation in Destiny later on, but I'll keep the same name here for consistency.

Hardtale: is an AU based around Undertale's hard mode. Hard mode has two defining facts: Frisk is the fallen human, and monsters are more difficult in battle. Hardtale strives to do two things: make sense behind these two rules and how they came to be, and explore possibilities of a finished hard mode. Now complete! A Pacifist run.

Petals and Dreams: is an alternate timeline of Hardtale. Whereas Frisk is pacifist in Hardtale, the human here has no mercy. Rather than going through a whole run, however, this story simply looks at the final boss: Flowey. Whether the human here is Frisk, Chara, or someone else entirely is left up to interpretation, but my personal interpretation is that this is still Frisk, who lost their memories as they showed up in the Ruins. But like I said, interpret it however you want. This is complete, but won't be posted for some time to avoid spoilers for No Chance in Hell.

JUSTICE: Technically based around redswap, and isn't a hard mode story. An alternate timeline where Frisk, instead of actively working to get the human souls to break the barrier theirself, decides everyone should wait until six more humans fall Underground, and try to get their help willingly. In this timeline, Asriel and Frisk are still alive, and do not die in an attempt to get the souls. As a result, only seven humans need to fall Underground, and not eight. Chara is the seventh human to follow the Underground, but they are less helpful than anyone would've hoped. In fact, their actions could even ruin this plan entirely.

Duel World (GX) is a very short series that takes place in Duel Links, and was written before GX was added to Duel Links. This series is written out of my own desire for a) GX to be in Duel Links and b) for Chazz and Jesse to interact and be friends. Since this was written before GX was added to Duel Links, GX is presented a little differently here than it is in game; here it's post-GX (anime). There are two entries to this series: Rainbow Path, and its sequel, Hero Signal.

Miracle Synchro Fusion is an AU that combines all the yugioh series together in one world. Originally it started out as Return from the Different Dimension(GX and 5Ds crossover), one single fic now with many, many chapters. However, the fic has two main focuses: Jaden, Chazz, and Jesse living together as roomates (and all romantically involved with each other), and Jesse being (vaguely) related to Leo and Luna and often babysitting them while their parents are away. However, once I started planning and writing how the other series factored into the au, I kept going and started including other fics. Return from the Different Dimension is too big for me to reasonably post it on here, and you can find it on ao3 at tatersalad5001. However, I may post other fics from the series and include them here.

The timeline of this AU is: early manga/season 0 anime of DM, post-GX, anime pre-5Ds anime, tenatively post-Zexal anime, post-Arc V anime, and between seasons 1 and 2 of Vrains.

Swords of Revealing Light: GX. Jaden helps Alexis out with her job at Duel Academy.

Aerial Twist: DM, 5Ds, and Arc V. The Leo Corporation and KaibaCorp get together. Mokuba meets Riley/Reira.

D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation is a group of different AUs of Miracle Synchro Fusion that I have written. They follow the same AU rules as Miracle Synchro Fusion for the most part, but theses stories aren't canon to Miracle Synchro Fusion.

Dark Calling: Like Return from the Different Dimesnion, but takes place during the Dark Signer saga of 5Ds. Expect Dark Signers.

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