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Professor Alarak - By permission of the good ol' Coeur al'Aran, I am writing a sort of inspired story by his story, Professor Arc, and instead of good-guy play boi Jaune, we have out faaaaaaavorite Highlord instead! Just... a little bit different from initial expectations.

So! About me! Um. I don't know. I'm a pervert, a really REALLY big one too! I do not judge, gosh that so hypocritical! Mmm, I believe that everything is a literal matter of perception and belief, so I try not to take personal offense against one's who reality if so far different from my own. I am currently in College, hoping to be a professional writer, maybe freelance, get into business, that kind of thing. Maybe even make a ! Hmmm, what else? I'm a guy (surprise!) but I guess you already knew that heh. That's really it actually. I shall link my other Profiles later and till' then, enjoy yourselves! Many well wishes to you all~!

Oh! Me?! Well, many and most of my daily cycles I float about on Google Plus, defecating those illustriously dank memez under the name Galacta, and have a recently-established Hentai Foundry account by the name of PervertedBattleBuddy. Personal goals demand I hop onto this site and see if I am able to get myself some fan fictional lovins'!

Now then! Vague introductions are out of the way, so allow me to explain my schedule~!

(1.) When working on a Story, I may not be completely consistent with my updates for stories. This is an unfortunate fact but one I must bare witness to. However, if I do post a Chapter, it is likely I have already I written future Chapters for said Story.

(2.) Feel free to PM me if you have any questions concerning my Stories I will be making that you wish to leave out of the clutches of the public claws!

(3.) If you have any suggestions/questions you'd like for me to hop onto, please feel free to ask in Reviews or PMs!

(4.) When starting story, I may be working on that plus another one! Hope you're ready!

I hope to thrill yourselves with enjoyment with my stories I shall create, and until then, hope to see you all later~!

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