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Greeting, Kon'nichiwa, Privet, or whatever your native language. I am Jester, a name I'm rather fond of, proud father of my children 'The Prince in Yellow' and 'The Princess of Madness'. And I can't forget lover/other half to my beautiful 'The Freckled Queen' I'm rather fond of nicknames. (Smirks under Jester mask) I hope you all are doing wonderful in these madding times. Hmmmm whatelse? I enjoy writing... far more then I care to admit as my mind never stops creating stories, it's a curse I'm afraid. It's a curse that pulls me away from my main works cause I want to start new works all the time but I know if I do I'll never finish the ones I'm already doing. (Sighs lightly before placing a single finger on the edge of the mask)I think that's it... Oh well. Take care everyone!

(Snaps fingers once before vanishing in a puff of smoke, the mask being the only remainder as it hits the ground)

Pairing Theme Songs.

MLP- Rarity- Let Me Go by 3 Doors Down

Girls und Panzer- Alisa/Arisa: The Fighter by Keith Urban and Play me that Song by Brantley Gilbert

HOTD-Saya: In My Arms by Dead by April

Blue Exorcist- Izumo: Start of Something Good by Daughtry

Fallout 4- Cait: Crashed by Daughtry

OC Theme Songs.

Jasper: Step Down by Leader

Nao: On my Own by Ashes Remain

Daniel: Burning Man by Dierks Bentley

Elias/Cowboy: Meanwhile back at Mamas by Tim McGraw

Silas: Kill the Sound by Celldweller

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