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I'm a 26 year old educated fool. I'm a little bit childish but life has made me somewhat mature too.

Female, kinda tomboyish but I can be a lady when I want to.

I have tons of interests but mainly are:

Music. Almost all kinds, I can spend a lot of hours lost with a pair of headphones on. Reading. I can't write but I will definitely read, a lot. Sports. My brother told me that my borderline crazy interest and knowledge in sports was what make him think I was hella gay. Videogames. Sucker for RE series but I can play a lot of other stuff. Curently playing Rayman Legends. Movies, TV Series, Anime and Manga. What self proclaimed geek/nerd doesn't? Talking to strangers on the internet. Because you're a stranger too, you can be anyone you want. Talking to myself. I'm awesome, my mom said it so.

I mostly read:

Elsanna (Frozen) Fleurmione (Harry Potter) Pezberry (Glee) Bechloe (Pitch Perfect) Clexa (The 100) Joniss (The Hunger Games)
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