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Welcome to my domain.

Some interests to know about me-

Favorite Movies: Lion King, HTTYD trilogy, Land Before Time, Treasure Planet, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, Tarzan, Animal Farm (1954 version), Zootopia, Emperors New Groove, Big Hero 6, Fantasia 2000, Rescuers Down Under.

Favorite Television series’: Avatar Last Airbender, Gravity Falls, MLP FIM & MYM, Gargoyles, Dinosaur King, Akame Ga Kill, Walking With series, Soul Eater, Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli, Phineas and Ferb, Dreamworks Dragons, Star Vs The Forces of Evil (pre season 4), The Zoo, Smash King (it’s so good I have to count it), Secret Life of the Zoo, Animals of Farthing Wood, Lion Guard, The Aquarium, The Zoo: San Diego, Ducktales 2017, Amphibia, Owl House

Favorite Heroes: Team Avatar, Goliath, Kiara, Charizard, Rex Owen, Jim Hawkins, Mulan, Night Raid, Twilight Sparkle, Hiccup Astrid & Toothless, Littlefoot, Soul and Maka, Shōnen Mowgli, Perry, Animal Planet Zookeepers, Scrooge McDuck (2017), Balto, Rapunzel, Zipp Storm

Favorite Villains: Scar, Sharptooth, Zira, Mcleach, Xanatos, Frollo, Shan Yu, Shere Khan (Disney), Captain Hook (Disney), Thrax, Rothbart, Maleficent, Chernabog, Seth, Dolf, Bill Cipher, Professor Screweyes, Esdeath, Azula, General Woundwort, Mok Swagger, Mozenrath, Hades (Disney), Bowser, Doofenshmirtz, Ursula, Dr. Facilier, Viggo, Bradford Buzzard, Yzma, Toffee, Rattlesnake Jake, Death (Puss in Boots), King Andrias

Favorite Anti-Heroes: Long John Silver, Zuko, Terry Spiny and Tank, Pterano, Dingo, Kronk

DeviantArt page: Flamewarrior04. (Discord Link included on page)

Fimfiction account: Flamewarrior02

Dinosaur King Retold Satus Quo:

D-Team Dinosaurs:

-Chomp the Triceratops

-Terry the Tyrannosaurus

-Ace the Carnotaurus

-Paris the Parasaurolophus

-Spiny the Spinosaurus

-Tank the Saichania

-Salty the Saltasaurus

-Coal the Carcharodontosaurus

-Mia the Maiasaura (with son Shep)

-Utah the Utahraptor

-Trooper the Ankylosaurus

-Jet, Turbo, and Glider the Pteranodons

-Sushi the Suchomimus

-Lucky the Ceratosaurus

-Thorn the Styracosaurus

-Diamond the Pachycephalosaurus

-Beta the Acrocanthosaurus

-Bali the Daspletosaurus

-Gertie the Seismosaurus

-Rocko the Altirhinus

-Charles the Supersaurus

-Hana the Euoplocephalus

-Meg the Megaraptor

-Nessie the Amargasaurus

-Francine the Anchiceratops

-Futaba the Futabasaurus

-Teddy the Therizinosaurus

-Toro the Torosaurus

-Juliet the Saurolophus

-Romeo the Saurolophus

-Pawpaw the Pawpawsaurus

-Marlin the Baryonyx

-Delta the Deltadromeus

-Deeno, Danno, and Sue the Deinonychus

-Iguano the Iguanodon

-Lola the Stegosaurus

-Sweet Tooth the Mapusaurus

-Ally the Allosaurus

-Comet the Pentaceratops

-Guru the Ampelosaurus

-Kui the Fukuisaurus

-Grumpy the Megalosaurus

-Victor, Veloci, and Vincent the Velociraptors

-Torch the Saurophaganax

-Killer the Torvosaurus

-Aqua the Shunosaurus

-Swift the Majungasaurus

-Yang the Yangchuanosaurus

-Venom the Piatnitzkysaurus

-Boulder the Edmontonia

-Angel the Diceratops

-Graybeard the Jobaria

-Flipper, Skippy, Speedy, Diver, and Snorkel the Ophthalmosaurus’

-Confucius the Shantungosaurus

-Flora and Fauna the Tupuxuaras

-Champ the Achelousaurus

-Blossom the Lanzhousaurus

-Nightmare the Gojirasaurus

-Crystal the Tuojiangosaurus

-Phantom the Afrovenator

-Packer the Pachyrhinosaurus

-Nigel and Goose the Anhangueras

Alpha Gang Dinosaurs:

-Gigas the Tyrannosaurus

-Maximus the Triceratops

-Armatus the Stegosaurus

-Brontikens the Apatosaurus

-Pyro the Acrocanthosaurus (Alpha)

-The Professor the Clone Megaraptor

-Yeager the Clone Megalosaurus

-Bailey the Clone Baryonyx

-Thud the Clone Ankylosaurus

-Sharphorn the Clone Pentaceratops

-Fang the Clone Carcharodontosaurus

-Slasher the Clone Anchiceratops

-Screamer the Clone Mapusaurus

-Scout #1, #2, & #3 the Clone Deinonychus trio

-Genie the Isisaurus

D-Team Move Cards:

-Electric Charge [Lightning]

-Lightning Strike X2 [Lightning]

-Lightning Spear [Lightning]

-Thunder Bazooka [Lightning]

-Plasma Anchor [Lightning]

-Gatling Spark [Lightning]

-Thunder Driver [Lightning]

-Final Thunder [Lightning]

-Ultimate Thunder [Lightning]

-Volcano Burst [Fire]

-Neck Crusher [Normal]

-Tag Team (Pawpawsaurus) [Normal]

-Blazing Spin Attack [Fire]

-Ultimate Fire [Fire]

-Shockwave X2 [Water]

-Tail Smash [Normal]

-Water Sword [Water]

-Futaba Super Cannon (Futabasaurus) [Water]

-Ultimate Water [Water]

-Cyclone [Wind]

-Ninja Attack X2 [Wind]

-Sonic Blast [Wind]

-Bitting Wind [Wind]

-Ultimate Wind [Wind]

-Nature’s Blessing [Grass]

-Metal Wing (Pteranodons) [Grass]

-Big Foot Assault (Seismosaurus) [Grass]

-Stomping Hammer [Normal]

-Ultimate Leaf [Grass]

-Dino Swing [Normal]

-Earthquake [Earth]

-Earth Barrier [Earth]

-Ultimate Earth [Earth]

-Fire Cannon X2 [Fire]

-Diving Press [Normal]

-Atomic Bomb [Normal]

-Mole Attack [Earth]

-Laser Ray (Super Move)

-Fire Bomb X2 [Fire]

-Super Impact (Supersaurus) [Grass]

-Quake Saber X2 [Earth]

-Hurricane Beat [Wind]

-Death Grind [Normal]

-Gyro Claw (Super Move)

-Claw Blade (Super Move)

-Aqua Whip [Water]

-Whip Attack (Super Move)

-Spinning Attack (Super Move)

-Crossing Attack (Super Move)

-Dynamic Galaxy (Super Move)

-Spike Arrows [Earth]

-Heat Eruption [Fire]

-Mayfly X2 [Wind]

-Aqua Vortex X2 [Water]

-Emerald Garden [Grass]

-Zero G Throw (Super Move)

-Gigantic Fall (Super Move)

-Critical Block (Velociraptors) [Normal]

-Final Furry (Velociraptors) [Normal]

-Magma Blaster X2 [Fire]

-Fire Scorcher [Fire]

-Burning Dash [Fire]

-Venom Fang (Piatnitzkysaurus) [Normal]

-Rock Roller [Earth]

-Ocean Panic (Ophthalmosaurus) [Water]

-Green Impulse (Tupuxuara) [Grass]

-Tupuxuara Dive (Tupuxuara) [Normal]

-Attack Burst [Normal]

-Power Drain [Normal]

-Defense Burst [Normal]

-Tornado Toss [Wind]

-Anhanguera Dive (Anhanguera) [Normal]

Alpha Gang Move Cards:

-Spectral Lancer

-Spectral Punisher

-Spectral Stinger

-Spectral Destroy

-Magma Blaster [Fire]

-Hydro Cutter [Water]

-many copies of D-Team Move Cards

Next Chapter Status: Slowly working on it. Other projects just taking priority

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