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Hey there, stranger.

Like most people on here I'm a hobbyist writer who enjoys riding out the waves of inspiration as they come and posting the stories I write on here. I'm always seeking to improve, but I'm mostly here to have fun. I mainly focus on Date A Live, however it spin-off series Date A Bullet has taken my fancy a little more and thus you'll probably be seeing more Date A Bullet stores on here than Date A Live. A little goal of mine is expanding the amount of Date A Bullet stories on here as well as giving the other characters there some love. I know that when I enjoy a less prolific character, I always go and look to see if there are any fanfictions about them so I'm trying to spread the love a little for those who want to read about them.

I also write oneshots and ficlets, purely because the idea of an ongoing story is something that baffles me- I don't quite have the commitment for something like that. Nevertheless that is liable to change, and you may see one on here eventually.

I'm rambling now, so that's enough from me!

Well, some facts about me!

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Favourite colour(s): Black, red, and blue!

Fandoms I write for: Date A Live and Date A Bullet

Favourite Characters: Hibiki Higoromo, Kurumi Tokisaki, the White Queen, and Carte À Jouer.

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