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Hmmm... Let's see... Where to begin...

Like many people here:

I want to be a published author one day.


December 28th 2020

Story Updates!

Freedom Found in Chains! Unabridged versions are available. I can be found on AdultFanFiction under the pen name TaintedSensibly, and at AO3 under SensiblyTainted, title Freedom Bound in Chains. Also there is amazing Fan Art for the story on AO3. You might want to check it out. Author name: Pixi56.

Freedom in Chains - This is very different from the more recent version FFiC - can be found on AdultFanfiction dot org.

Freedom Found in Defiance - I did not like where it was going once they rejoined Liam. I wanted it to go another way and I got sidetracked. I am thinking about re-writing the chapters where they are reunited with Liam so that I can keep going with the story. This probably won't happen until June 2020.

Tell Me The Reason Why has not been abandoned. There is no projected update date, however.

I hope to keep working on Becoming, but have no idea when that will be updated, either.

Right now I'm working hard on my My Hero Academia story Unto the Breach. I'd love any feedback and support you can give me! XD


Thank you very very much for all the interest and patience. I am deeply grateful. I welcome PMs if you ever want to chat!

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