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hey people whats up? i am hallowmask123.

Age: 18

born" U.S.A

Likes: anime (one piece, naruto, belaech ect.."), ramen, cars, marines.

Dislikes: tomatoes, mushrooms, hetailia( not an anime) and other things.

Dream: to join the marine core.

favorite pairing:



NarutoxSakura (ify on some occasions)

NarutoXIno ( love them together)

Narutoxtemari ( they balance eachother in many ways)

narutoxanko ( if you don't like them together, then leave now. they are the perfect chaotic couple)

narutoxharem ( can't go wrong that often and you got to admit naruto deserves a lot of love.)

One Piece:

luffyXnami ( I feel it will end up that way even if nami won't admit her feelings. also those who write luffy as being ignorant to sex and the female body you are wrong look at the end of the alabasta arc he gets a nosebleed from nami.)

luffy x robin

luffy x hancock

luffy x Margaret

luffy x harem ( any one is good ith luffy in my opinion if the story is developed well)

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