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3k+A Certain Unknown Level 0 » by MrQuestionMark Accelerator and the Railgun. Two level 5's that have been subjected to the same rumour: they have been defeated by a Level 0. But who is this mysterious esper? These are the numerous investigations made by characters in the ToAru universe into this Level 0. People who don't know him will learn the truth and those who do know him will catch a glimpse into his life. Will have action.
Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, T, English, Mystery & Drama, chapters: 175, words: 3285k+, favs: 2k+, follows: 2k+, updated: 1/17 published: 1/17/2013, Tōma K.
314 A Certain Electric Trainer » by Darkbetrayer Welcome to the Nelos region. A new uncharted region full of Pokémon from all over the world. This area has attracted attention from the other regions and a large metropolis called Academy City has been created to research Nelos' unique history. One female student has just started her Pokémon journey and meets an unfortunate boy. Index characters in the world of Pokémon.
Pokémon & Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 20, words: 147k+, favs: 371, follows: 424, updated: 12/26/2022 published: 12/27/2016, Mikoto M., Tōma K.
74A Winter's tale » by smashdenslap Misaka Mikoto had been gifted a bunch of winter clothing but for some reason or another, she kept giving them to Shokuhou Misaki.
A Certain Scientific Railgun/とある科学の超電磁砲, T, English, Friendship & Romance, chapters: 18, words: 91k+, favs: 55, follows: 58, updated: 9/21/2022 published: 11/29/2020, M. Mikoto, Shokuhou M.
1k+A Certain Strange Addition » by Animan10 What would happen if Touma's actions during the Graviton Bombings were discovered by the rest of Mikoto's friends. Just how much more misfortune and craziness can the unlucky Kamijou get involved in when he is essentially dragged into Judgement? Judgement!Touma fanfic. Harem with ToumaxMikoto focus (obviously). English dub terminology.
Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, T, English, Adventure & Humor, chapters: 73, words: 539k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 8/27/2022 published: 10/21/2017, Accelerator, Mikoto M., S. Mugino, Tōma K.
157I Know I Knew You » by 61wisampa You just wanted to remember who you are. /Post-canon
Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, T, English, Friendship & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 14, words: 46k+, favs: 204, follows: 261, updated: 8/26/2022 published: 10/2/2015, Mikoto M., Tōma K.
3k+A Certain Infinite Possibility » by Darkbetrayer An ancient organization has emerged from hiding in order to bring the world into darkness. Will Touma be able to stop them or will his actions make everything worse. Will Touma finally develop the harem he deserves? Magic and Science will collide in ways no one thought possible. Touma X Harem (Maybe, he is really dense.)
Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, T, English, Adventure & Humor, chapters: 131, words: 1788k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 6/18/2022 published: 5/19/2015, Accelerator, Mikoto M., R. Saten, Tōma K.
44 Lost Hero » by The1whoAlwaysSeesHope Touma gets controlled by an unknown cabal. After being controlled he is on a hunt to kill his friends ... what will Misaka do in order to save touma from the enemy? And will Misaka be able to find out what the missing piece of her life? ... I suck at summaries and the story is better than the summary... Also its a KamijouxMikoto fanfic :3
Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, T, English, chapters: 11, words: 27k+, favs: 49, follows: 61, updated: 4/15/2022 published: 5/28/2015, Mikoto M., Tōma K.
282 Blood, Souls and Sausages » by Cun AU. Fifty years ago, the seven vampire matriarchs signed a peace treaty with Judgment in an effort to reach co-existence between monster and man. However, in this world of conflict and secrets, something moves beneath the surface. And unbeknownst to them, it involves the matriarch Railgun and her unusual pack of friends. Join them for the craziest adventure of their life!
Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, M, English, Humor & Adventure, chapters: 25, words: 305k+, favs: 171, follows: 207, updated: 4/12/2022 published: 9/10/2014, [Mikoto M., Kuroko S.] K. Uiharu, R. Saten
15Hate Me, Find Me, Trust Me » by Captain Risu They kept finding each other when their paths shouldn't have crossed at all, like parallel lines that managed to make the impossible and meet, or Five times Mikoto came across Accelerator and One time he willingly invited her into his life. [NT/GT spoilers-Canon Divergence]
Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, T, English, Angst & Family, chapters: 4, words: 13k+, favs: 53, follows: 58, updated: 12/12/2021 published: 6/30/2021, Accelerator, Mikoto M.
65Fallout » by AsIfIKnewMyName This story is my own continuation after GT4. So expect spoilers for up to and including GT4.:The sisters are revealed to the world and the fallout that follows is immense, especially for Mikoto. Rated T so far, might have to up it to M later for violence. No Lemons.
Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, T, English, Sci-Fi & Adventure, chapters: 9, words: 61k+, favs: 82, follows: 98, updated: 10/17/2021 published: 7/20/2021, [Mikoto M., Tōma K.] Index L. P., Othinus
7 all that remains by seijuuro the Railgun is "dead", but not to Accelerator. A figurative AU/Canon compliant oneshot.
Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, K, English, Supernatural & Hurt/Comfort, words: 3k+, favs: 35, follows: 21, 7/30/2021, Accelerator, Mikoto M.
16A Storm That's Surely Coming » by taylorjeanjn Against his better judgement, and as a show of good faith to start rebuilding his and Ellie's bond, Joel lets Ellie and Dina take the route meant for him and Tommy. While Joel avoids the hoard of infected completely, Ellie and Dina come to Abby's rescue outside of Jackson. And that changes everything. TLOU2 AU
Last of Us, T, English, chapters: 4, words: 10k+, favs: 38, follows: 62, updated: 7/10/2021 published: 5/4/2021, Ellie, Joel, Abby, Owen
306A Certain Defective Sister » by KageYami She was different from her "Sisters". She was labeled a defect, a waste, and a level 1. Yet she was born the same way as them. Never connecting to her fellow clones, she was alone with no purpose. After all what was there for a defective clone?
Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, T, English, Adventure & Friendship, chapters: 61, words: 276k+, favs: 385, follows: 432, updated: 3/13/2021 published: 6/28/2014, Mikoto M.
147To Aru Baka no Esper » by Iguru Senshi Kamijou Touma no es el mas fuerte de los Spers, pero es un hecho que es el dueño del corazon de cierta Railgun que aunque lo llame Baka, es por que es "su" Baka, pero que sucede cuando Touma se ve envuelto en un gran combate el cual presencia la joven Sper nivel 5 y en la cual Touma no queda realmente ileso? descubranlo!
Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, M, Spanish, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 28, words: 186k+, favs: 159, follows: 173, updated: 3/7/2021 published: 12/7/2013, Mikoto M., Tōma K., Misaki Shokuhō
4 Our sweet sin by DarkPheonix 666 Gift request work for AnimeandFanficLover InuYuki and Kichirou reflect on their feelings for each other, casting aside their lives as a half breed and a priest. Becoming one in body and soul, reflecting on their love for one another and their future together. InuKik, Genderbend, Genderswap, Female InuYasha, Male Kikyo, Rule 63, smut, vanilla, fluff, feels, *Oneshot*
Inuyasha, M, English, Romance & Drama, words: 6k+, favs: 10, follows: 6, 10/13/2020, Inuyasha, Kikyō
20There is No Paradise » by anand891996 Misaka Mikoto realizes there is no one to save her, no one to help. She has only one way forward, a path that leads to only more darkness and pain. A what-if in which Touma never came across the Sisters and Misaka Mikoto after he lost his memories, and the fallout thereof
Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, M, English, Angst, chapters: 2, words: 11k+, favs: 52, follows: 88, updated: 5/11/2020 published: 12/27/2019, Accelerator, Mikoto M., Tōma K.
21250 Years Too Early » by Gammer When Kagome falls down the well, she enters a time where Kikyo is still alive, the jewel is whole, and Onigumo is a crippled bandit with dark desires. With the aid of Kikyo and Inuyasha she must help protect the jewel from those who seek it, but will her presence help avert the fated tragedy or only bring more suffering?
Inuyasha, T, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 30, words: 159k+, favs: 195, follows: 234, updated: 2/3/2020 published: 3/26/2011, Inuyasha, Kagome H., Kikyō, Kaede
483 A Certain Holiday Season » by Major Major Major Major As winter descends on Academy City, the war between Magic and Science has cooled. Kamijou Touma's efforts to enjoy the relative calm are shattered in predictable fashion by the abrupt entrance of Misaka Mikoto. Together they brave the perils of the Christmas season, but behind the scenes something dark broods. Something dark and... Yet... Festive? Note: Set after NT22R
Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 81, words: 683k+, favs: 423, follows: 325, updated: 11/23/2019 published: 7/9/2015, Mikoto M., Tōma K.
112 The 2 Familiars of Zero » by MrKipling22 The war between magic and science has come to an end, espers won but are now being hunted down by the rest of the world out of fear, Mikoto Misaka is one of these espers, ending up as Louise's familiar along with Saito was not something she ever thought would happen, but hey it beats being dead, or does it?
Familiar of Zero & Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, M, English, Adventure & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 22, words: 49k+, favs: 271, follows: 384, updated: 5/17/2019 published: 8/6/2016, Louise, Saito, Tabitha, Mikoto M.
1 War on Academy City (Volume 4) » by LonelyDiggin All conflicts seemed to revolve around a sovereign state with a level of advancement sufficient to cause global turmoil. The foreign policies of Academy City would come in contact with global politics. Dark side organizations would ultimately display their inevitable interconnection with world leaders. CHECK OUT THE PREQUELS.
A Certain Scientific Railgun/とある科学の超電磁砲, M, English, Sci-Fi & Drama, chapters: 28, words: 29k+, favs: 5, follows: 4, updated: 2/23/2019 published: 10/13/2017, Mikoto M., Accelerator, ITEM liaison, N. Shinobu
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