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Hello fellow Fan-Fic writers, readers, and reviewers, I'm Althea Sirius. I changed my name from Okamei Kitsukami. Here's some information about myself.

I'm can be quiet when I'm in new surroundings or around new people. But when I get more comfortable or with someone familiar, I'm really out going. I'm very empathetic and sympathetic, so I'm always worried about others if they're upset. My friends share everything with me and I do with them, we trust each other with our lives; we're like family.

I also recently created an account over on Ao3, and it awesome over there, the only thing I wish it had was a favorite tab you can put your favorite stories under so you don't have to go looking for it if you want to read it again. I recommend to other writers to think about creating their own accounts over there. Once you get used to navigating over there, it's so nice.

UPDATE: While I'll be active on here in terms of helping others with their stories, reading, and chatting, I'll be moving over to AO3. Most of my works are already being rewritten and may be posted other there.

Animal: Foxes, Wolves, Rabbits, Cats, Dogs...(those are just my top favorite, I love animals)
Color: Any shade/tint of blue or green
Books: the series Warriors by Erin Hunter
Anime: Hmm, well I can't choose, but I like series that have: supernatural, reverse harems, comedy, adventure, action, sci-fi, slice-of-life, and romance genres.
Cartoon: Same as anime, hard to choose. But I like: action, crime, adventure, a hint of comedy.

Youtube Gamers/Commentators:
Lost Pause/Noble
The Anime Man/Joey
GT Live
The Completionist

Youtube Reactors:
Lost Pause/Noble
Dragon Z Kill
Renegades React

Youtube Animators/Amv Makers:
amvluna [but she has so many accounts] (and she's my best friend offline)
SallyRose975 (She makes awesome Sonic based mv's. Go check her channel out!)

Writing/Typing Stories

I've seen...

Inuyasha/Final Act
Blue Seed/2
Bakugan (all seasons)
Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's (best Yu-Gi-Oh series ever, in my opinion)
Black Butler (skipped season two... for... obvious reasons that we all know)
Yu Yu Hakusho (a real good classic)
Rurouni Kenshin (currently watching)
Pandora Hearts
Sailor Moon re-dub/Sailor Moon Crystal (ongoing)
Wedding Peach/DX
Naruto/Shippuden (currently watching)
Ouran Highschool Host Club
Akatsuki no Yona [Yona of the Dawn]/OVA (waiting for season two!)
The Vision of Escaflowne
Fushigi Yuugi (all seasons/OVA's)
Hyper Police
Card Captor Sakura
BLEACH (waiting for the hiatus to stop)
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Saint Tail (currently watching)
Mamotte! Lollipop [Save Me! Lollipop]
Magic Knight Rayearth/OVA
Tokyo Mew Mew (dub)(up to ep.26 -_-;... I have my reasons... hopefully if FUNIMATION takes over, they'll give them better Japanese names)
Fruits Basket
Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
Kamisama Hajimemashita/OVA's (waiting for season 3)
Kamigami no Asobi (Highly recommend)
Karin [Chibi Vampire]
Angelique Abyss/Neo Angelique Abyss
Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique: Kagayaki no Ashita
Saiunkoku Monogatari [Story of Saiunkouku]
Uta no Prince-sama (season's 1-4, waiting for season 5)
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge [Wall Flower]
Cowboy Bebop (Need to continue watching)
Digimon (up till X-Evolution; my favorite version is Frontier)
Fairy Tail/2014 (currently watching 2014)
FullMetal Alchemist/Brotherhood
One Piece (currently watching/ongoing)
RWBY (watched season 4, And it IS AWESOME!!/ongoing)
Soul Eater (need to finish watching)
Monster Musume Nijijou (hoping it gets a season 2)
Pokemon (up to present/ongoing)
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan [Bludging Angel Dokoro-Chan]
Kill La Kill
Sekirei/Pure Engagement (waiting for season 3)
Toradora (both sub and dub)
Brothers Conflict
Princess Tutu
Dance with Devils
Diabolic Lovers (waiting for the dub of season 2)
Wolfs Rain
Kobaiyashi's Dragon Maid


Anime Movies:
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away
Naussica: The Valley of the Wind
BLEACH (all movies/ongoing/hiatus)
Inuyasha (all movies)
Naruto (all movies up to the Last)
Avengers Confidential (yes it's classified as an anime movie... it's on Kissanime)
Secret World of Ariety
Street Fighter (all movies)
Fatal Fury [King of Fighters] (all movies, My favorite game-based movie series)
Pokemon (all movies up 'till present)
Sailor Moon (all movies, waiting eagerly for the re-dubs)
FullMetal Alchemist/Brotherhood (all movies)

Sailor Moon
Mamotte Lollipop!
Vampire Diaries
Pandora Hearts
Tsubasa Chronicles

Transformers Animated
Transformers: Prime/Beast Hunters
Transformers: Robots in Disguise[2015]
Transformers Cyberverse
Green Lantern: the animated series
Batman the animated series/New Adventures
Batman Beyond
The Batman
Beware the Batman
Batman the Brave and the Bold (...I was bored!)
Justice League/Unlimited
DC Super Hero Girls (up to present/ongoing)
Teen Titans (the original and way better version, NOT Go!)
Earths Mightiest Heroes: Avengers
Iron Man Armored Adventures
Spider-Man the animated series
Spider-Man the new animated series
Avengers Assemble (all seasons)
Ultimate Spider-Man (all seasons)
Guardians of the Galaxy/Origins (Origins completed)(ongoing)
Wolverine and the X-Men
My Life as a Teenage Robot [MLaaTR]
Danny Phantom
Kim Possible
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! (it just HAD to get cancelled right before the last episode!)
Yin, Yang, Yo!
The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog/Underground
PowerPuff Girls (the original, not the cringey new version)
Xiaolin Showdown
Get Ed
LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitsu (up to season 4/still watching/ongoing)
LEGO Hero Factory
Street Fighter
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (I was bored)
Dragons: Riders of Berk/Defenders of Berk
Dragons: Race to the Edge
Max Steel (2013)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (in general, I've watched every series, except for fully watching the '80's)
Voltron: Legendary Defender

Cartoon Movies:
Kim Possible (all movies)
Lilo&Stitch (all movies)
PowerPuff Girls (all movies)
Batman/Beyond (all movies)
Green Lantern (all movies)
Justice League: War, Apokilypse, Throne of Atlantis, Vs. Teen Titans
Batman & Superman: Public Enemies
Batman Returns: part 1 and 2
Assault on Arkham (a different version of Suicide Squad)
BIONICLE (all movies)
How to Train your Dragon/2/3

Video Games I've played/watched:
Halo (ODST to Guardians; my favorite being Reach... hey don't look at me like that, I like games where you can choose your gender... especially sci-fi shooter games... GENDER EQUALITY FTW!!)
Metroid Prime
Dead Space 1-3
FNAF series
Soul Calibur (4 and 5; waiting for a next game release)
Gears of War
Prototype (1,2,and 3)
Black Ops (2 and 3)
Batman Arkham Asylum
BIONICLE (I LOVE this series)
Left for Dead (1 and 2; Hope they make another one)
Until Dawn (never watching/playing that alone EVER again =_=;)
Mad Father
Witches House
Misao (recomend ver.3)
Corpse Party
The Crooked Man
The Last of Us
Mortal Kombat (9, 10, going on 11)
Alien Isolation
Pokemon: Diamond, Platinum, Soul Silver, White, X, Alpha Sapphire (getting Moon/Ultra Sun, Let's Go Pikachu)
Bakugan Battle Brawlers
BLEACH: Dark Souls
Resident Evil: Revelations
League of Legends (a little bit, my brother got me into it. He goes by Forgotten Legend.)
Evil Within/2
The Last Guardian
Mega Man 1-3
Mega Man X 1-3

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