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So, nice to know someone cares enough to read this. Here is list of current and upcoming stories,

-A Real Nobody: Kingdom hearts, the concept is someone loses even the shell of a heart that can be filled, therefore losing all memories. Status: FAILED. I was unable to make an emotionless character interesting

-Grimm Roses: RWBY, concept is Ruby Rose is part Grimm, and the troubles of such come. Status: Upcoming.

-Hidan the Gamer: Naruto, concept is give the most insane character the greatest power. Status: Upcoming.

-Language Barrier: KH, concept is someone speaking a different language become a Keyblade wielder or a Nobody, and no one understands them. Status: Upcoming.

More stories will be coming once current stories are steady. Though A Real Nobody was bad, the solution is now to go with an easier concept that is more emotional.

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