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I am an aspiring writer, who likes writing fanfiction as a way to practice as well as a way to show everyone my own ideas for the wonderful stories I've read. I actually started writing fanfiction with My Little Pony, which had the most accommodating fandom for original fanworks back in the day. But since then I've slowly expanded into other works with my first published fanfiction on this site being a Nanoha/Fate Stay Night crossover.

Currently I am writing:

Fate Stay Nano: Said crossover I mentioned above. I'm pretty proud of how it's been going so far.

Prisoner, Power Source, Parent?: A Naruto fanfiction. Basically Kuruma gets angry with how Naruto is basically abandoned and treated like garbage by his village. So Kuruma decides that because Naruto is his prison, that makes Naruto his. And decides to raise Naruto as his child.

Currently I am considering:

Dresden Files/Undertale: Heavily inspired by The Dresden Files: Beneath Mt Ebott, I figured I'd take my own swing at the concept. Basically Frisk is part of the Dresden Files universe and is working as an ambassador to humanity. The story that inspired me takes place in Dead Beat. I want to try it with it taking place in Death Masks. Namely to get the interaction between the 'Fallen Angel' Frisk, and a literal Fallen Angel.

Have an opinion on any of these and which one I should write next? Drop me a line, I'd love to hear it.

More importantly though, I have written an original story of my own.

The Lost Dragon: find it on Amazon here: https:/ / / Lost-Dragon-Michael-John-Mooney-ebook/ dp/B07NDS7J26/ ref=sr_1_37?keywords=thelostdragon&qid=1549599365&sr=8-37

If you like my stories, I hope you'll take the time to check it out as well!

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