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hi :)

i am BlackBolt, a german original-writer and artist - you can see my works at my homepage: http:// :)) or my live-journal: http:///blackiesdungeon/ :)) now i have also a shop for my original-story-books (e-books in german), and posters and the like: http:///

i also like to quilt/patchwork - i recently discovered this art and i am totally hooked :) if you want, you can look at my works at my page: http:///

i am a happy reader and reviewer of fan-fics ... and i like the following fandoms:

- the avengers: Steve (Cap America)/Loki, Steve (Cap America)/Thor (since 2012)

- the eagle of the ninth: Marcus/Esca (since 2011)

- my favourites: they are on a lj-community: http:///ninth_eagle/

- TRON Legacy: Sam Flynn/Tron(Rinzler), Kevin Flynn/Sam Flynn (since 2011)

- avatar (the film from j. cameron): jake/tsu'tey, other slash-pairings (since 2009)

- transformers: sam/bumblebee, ironhide/will, jazz/epps, barricade/sam, optimus/sam, barricade/bee, barricade/bee/sam, starscream/sam, trent/miles, sideswipe/epps (slash) (since 2007)

- my favourites:

"Cover me" - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4110304/1/Cover_Me

- harry potter: draco/harry or harry/draco, harry/lucius or lucius/harry, harry/voldemort(tom) or voldemort(tom)/harry (slash)
(since 2003)

- my favourites:

"Veela Struck" - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5827647/1/Veela_Struck
"Sympathy for the Predators" - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5556997/1/Sympathy_for_the_Predators
"Mulligan" - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4016436/1/Mulligan

- indiana jones: indy/mutt (since 2008)

- yu-gi-oh: seto/joey, seto/siegfried, seto/seth, seth/joey, seto/pegasus, seto/raphael, raphael/dartz, raphael/joey, noa/mokuba, creature-fics (slash) (since 2006)

- my favourite: "to serve and protect" - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2267783/1/

- x-men: logan/remy (slash) (since 2005)

- one-piece: ace/smoker, zorro/sanji (slash) (since 2007)

- chronicles of narnia: caspian/peter (since 2008)

- the guyver: agito/sho, murakami/agito (slash) (since 2007)

- predator (anything slash :)..) (since 2007)

- pitch black/chronicles of riddick: riddick/vaako (since 2007)

- the fast and the furious: dom/brian, dom/hobbs (since 2007)

- twilight: jacob/edward, edward/harry, draco/jacob, harry/carlisle, harry/jacob, lucius/carlisle (since 2009)

- xXx: Xander/? (slash) (since 2007)

- doom: sarge/reaper (since 2007)

- real-person slash: karl urban/vin diesel, karl urban/"the rock", karl urban/paul walker (since 2007)

- wolfs rain: kiba/tsume (since 2007)

- phantom of the opera: erik(phantom)/raoul, phillippe/raoul, erik(phantom)/phillippe (slash) (since 2006)

- sky-high: warren/will (slash) (since 2005)

- forgotten realms: drizzt/wulfgar, drizzt/artemis, drizzt/jarlaxle (slash) (since 2006)

- many other fandoms ...

- crossovers of any of this fandoms if it is slash :)))

if you know great storys about the fandoms/pairings above, please email/contact me :begging: much authors don't write long summarys or forget the pairing, so the search-function is handycapped :sigh:

thanx for all the wonderful storys out there - it is amazing, what people can create :)

if anyone wants to look, i recced over 3.500 links for storys and other things (lists, groups, etc) in my forum: - http:///

hugs, bye, Blackie ...

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