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What up?

Haven't been active in ages, but considering the idea of trying to write stories again. Been mostly getting writing urges out through RPs, but since I've been cutting back on those we'll see, and hopefully I can write stuff better than that junky "Pirate's Love for Me" thing I wrote. Just like "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult and needing more cowbell, I think that fic needed more Lee. You can never have enough Lee shenanigans - even Kishimoto had to develop a side thing for him. That's how amazing(ly crackish) he is.

May update this page if I ever remember or do stuffs.

As to the fans of "Pirate's Love" n' such...we'll see, I might try and do a better, revised version or something, but as it's gone and I'm not sure I still have the file I'll probably also restart it (and rename it). I have some mildly more interesting ideas than that young idea, especially after being inspired by much better fics.

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