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I'll compile a list of errors I commonly find in the stories I come across:

• Their is different from They're.
Their is used if you want to indicate that a group of people own something.

Example: That is their property.

They're is just short for They are. It's used when you want to refer to a group of people themselves.

Example: They're the owners of that property.

• Adding an s to a word means that there is more than one of it. But, adding 's does not do the same thing.

s plus a noun makes it plural.

Example: Car s = Cars (More than one car)

John wished he had a lot of cars.

's plus a noun results in the possessive form. In other words, when you want indicate ownership.

Example: John 's = John's

That is John's car.

• If a word starts with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u), then you use an. If a word starts with a consonant (the rest of the alphabet minus the vowels), then you use a. However, there are exceptions. If a vowel is pronounced as a consonant, then you do not have to use an.

Examples: This is an egg. (We used an because the word 'egg' starts with e, a vowel)

The couple next door are having a fight. (We used a because the word 'fight' starts with f, a consonant)

Jane is planning to buy a unicycle. (We used a because even if the word 'unicycle' starts with a vowel, the letter u is pronounced in the same way as the letter y)

To is not the same as too.

To is often used when you want to refer to the result of an action, or the action that needs to be taken and what it will result in.

Example: For my sister to be saved, I need to go on a perilous journey.

Too is used to indicate if something is rather excessive.

Example: The heat is so great that it's too much for my suit to take.

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For authors who have popular stories but are being discouraged by the hate, keep in mind that with popularity comes infamy. The more popular something is, the higher the chances are that people will hate it. So do not lose hope and continue what you're doing if you can clearly see that people like what you're doing. Certain people just like to hate more than love and we can't change that. Just give it your best and don't give up.

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I like crossovers because it's a simple story with a simple idea and a simple premise. And yet, not too many people get it right.

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When it comes to romance, I don't think a shipping pair should be established right at the beginning. Instead, it should come as a result of the interactions between characters as the story progresses.

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To me, the best SI is the supportive kind. As in, an SI that's not here to steal the spotlight but is here to be the crutch for the main characters. Even if it's manipulative, I don't mind it if it's being done for the sake of making things better (or unexpectedly worst).

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