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I'm a avid reader, read a lot of books, from "I, Claudius", "The Hobbit", "Battle Cry of Freedom", "War & Peace", "LOTR", A lot of Star Trek TOS, a lot of WW2, & American Civil War novels. All the Books of Dune, All the Master & Command books. Countless Dragonlance books, and yess all the Harry Potter books (for light reading), the complete Chronicles of Narnia. Dracula, Treasure Island. I also read my bible (with "Our Daily Bread"). I do believe in an authors rights, although I disagree with some of the contents. I hated the ending of LOTR, and think Harry & Hermione is a better match. I'm a conservative republican politically, and don't think liberal democrats have a brain at all. I live in Calgary Alberta Canada. John Wayne, & Liz Taylor are my favorite actors. My hero's growing up were, Jesus, Claudius I Emperor of Rome, Cleopatra VII, Bobby Orr, James T Kirk, & Mr Spock, & my maternal Grandmother.

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