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--What's up. You wanna know about me? Well let's see--

Height: Tall

Eyes: Dark brown

Hair: Dark red & pink

Sex: Female

Likes: Yah/ Yahusha, anime, the color red, music--Contemporary Christian, R/B, hip-hop, pop and rock--writing stories, hanging out with friends etc. (Yeah, I know, I have no stories posted. I just didn't wanna post them here. Too shy!)

Dislikes: Hasatan, rainy days, liver, backstabbers, liars, racists, atheists, vanity, mpreg in fics (I can't understand some of these dumb arse fangirls!), bashers and other negative things.



Yo, is it me or is there more yaoi stories about alot of anime shows than there are het? I think, for the most part, that it's because of fangirls that hate the female characters on the shows and instead have their boyfriends (or admirers/love interests, etc) paired up with other dudes. Annoying. If the anime doesn't depict a character as being gay, then obviously they are not. If the characters are depicted as such, then fine. C'mon girls, wouldn't you want your men to like women?! 'Cause you won't have a chance if they didn't.

--Alt/Crack Pairings--

I do like alternate or crack pairings. Sometimes alternate pairings are even better than canon. But try to keep them in character, people. I tend to lean towards bad guys being paired with good girls. I guess because of the simple fact that opposites attract, along with my partiality with bad guys. They're just more fun! OC's are fine if they aren't super perfect and obvious that they're gonna be a character's love interest. I like a bit of CONFLICT first, or at least a gradual attraction between the characters. Much more realistic and interesting than one of the characters being blown away by the other's hot body/face and instantly showing interest (or even falling in love...bleh)! Even some decent stories had this mistake happen.


OK, I'm gonna apologize right now. If I have one of your stories posted under my fave list and I haven't reviewed, I'm sorry. I don't always take the time out to review especially if I'm in a hurry to go read the next updated story on my list. Believe me, I do like your fic. Don't let my lack of reviewing suggest otherwise--besides, I wouldn't have it under my fave stories list if I didn't. But I usually will review a story once I've finished reading it. So don't get mad at me, I'll try to review in the future if I haven't done it already. Also when I review, I almost always leave a positive response. Ya don't have to worry about me flaming you or picking out every single incorrect detail. I didn't use the pen name of SweetestChick for nothin'.

Oh yeah...I LOVE to hear from authors, so if you'd like to contact me I don't mind.

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