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Here's a list of favorites, the only explanation one will need.

5 Best factions in Warhammer 40k:

1. Imperial Guard (Regular brave humans with tanks, more tanks and even more tanks that come with artillery? Heck yeah! Favorite regiments are the Steel Legion and DKOK)

2. Sisters of Battle (I like to embrace my inner pyromaniac with the lovely fanatical ladies of the Imperium)

3. Eldar (Space Elves that I kind of can relate to, despite their arrogance, as well are very likeable in general for me, favorite Craftworlds are Biel-tan, Ulthwe and Ibyraseil)

4. Space Marines (The God Emperor's Chosen. Black Templars, The Lamenters and Legion of the Damned are the best)

5.Adeptus Mechanicus (Cyborgs)

Favorite animes?

1. Legend of the Galactic Heroes

2. Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade (A classic)

3. Berserk

4. Patlabor 2 (Takes place in the same universe as Jin-Roh, where the 3rd Reich has expanded to Japan, kind of)

5. Claymore (They remind me of the Sisters of Battle and a cool twist on Berserk)

Favorite Video Games and series?

1. Earth Defense Force series (The one video games series that should be an anime)

2. Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War w/ all expansions

3. Bladestorm: Nightmare ( A remake of a childhood game that features Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years War, it is an epic game if you can handle the voice acting)

4. Spec Ops: The Line

5. Red Orchestra 2 (You can play as the Germans in a multiplayer campaign as well as the Japanese two sides you do not get to ever truly play in a game)

6. Endless Space (The Vodyani are an awesome faction and it is a game made with love)

My favorite President in the U.S.?

Andrew Jackson

Favorite movie?

Tae Guk Gi

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