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Okay, a little about myself:

My credit card and social security number is-

Wait nevermind.

So I've been a lurker on this site since my middle school years. I've always had ideas but never could really follow through with giving them physical form. I consider myself a pretty good reviewer though. Actually, I write very little as in content of reviews, but I try to force myself to review all stories I read. This is because I greatly admire the people who DO follow through and write and publish their stories here.

My current project is to translate the novel version of the latest Detective Conan movie. Hey, translations count as fiction by fans, right? Actually, I wanted to write fanfiction based off the movie, but the problem is that it's not on sale yet so no one would know what I'm refering to. Also, I figured that though Im a constant consumer of fandom on this site, I do so little to contribute myself. Then I realized that the one thing I COULD do was take advantage of my location and language skills and provide all the writers I love so much on this site with some form of Conan goondess.

Hopefully I will learn some form of self-disclipline from this project and be able to write consistently in the future. The are of writing itself I think should be glorified. Becoming a good or great writer takes time. Thus it's the fortitude of the people who write and post regularly that I admire. And of course kudos to those who struggle hard with it like myself. The battle is hard and the road is long. Let's do our best!!

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